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Field Project in Urban and Regional Planning

Purpose and learning objectives

Upon completion of this course you are expected to be able to carry out a suitable fieldwork assignment in a European region, and orally and in writing conduct an academic discussion on planning questions.

Content and teaching methods

The course focuses on analyzing planning challenges, approaches and practices “on the ground” in a particular city or region abroad. The module entails a 10 days field course. After the field course emphasis is on analysis and presentation.

The course investigates how urban and regional police, planning agendas and projects are being debated, negotiated and implemented on-site. The student collets information in the field, engage with policy-makers, practitioners and other planning professionals in one particular city or region abroad in order to do in-situ analysis of planning and development challenges at the local or regional scale. The course provides the student with advanced critical knowledge about actual planning work and thus prepare for a future professional commissions. The international perspective helps the student to become more sensitive about different planning approaches, concepts and development-paths across Europe or elsewhere and to compare these with their hitherto made experiences in their own national, regional or local context. In addition, the student will be able to conduct qualified field work, most likely within a so far unknown national, regional and local context.

The course contains supervision, seminars and exercises, and a field course with excursions, field work and study visits.

Further course information will appear soon on this page. Until then, information can be found on the department website.