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Mathematics for the Natural Sciences II

Mathematics for the Natural Sciences II is only given in Swedish, and more information can be found on the Swedish version of this page - click the little globe in the top right corner.

Mathematics for the Natural Sciences II is mainly given for students on programmes in physics. Along with Mathematics for the Natural Sciences I it corresponds to the course Mathematics I.

Course content

The course treats equations with absolute values and inequalities, limits of sequences of numbers andfunctions, properties of continuous and differentiable functions, asymptotics and advanced sketches of graphs, definition of integral and the fundamental theorem of calculus, series and generalized integrals, Taylor polynomials and applications, prime numbers and modulo calculus, the Euclidean algorithm, logic and set theory, induction, combinatorics and the binomial theorem, lines and planes, linear maps and their matrices, double integrals and volume, variable substitution in double integrals, differential calculus in two variables, partial differential equations, curves and surfaces of the second degree.