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Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis is only given in Swedish, and more information can be found on the Swedish version of this page - click the little globe to the right of the course title.

You can also find the Swedish version of this page here

Statistical analysis is about how you in the most effective way describe and draw conclusions from different types of data which has in some way been observed, measured or otherwise collected from reality. Most often these kinds of data demonstrate a certain natural inside variation which you then try to desribe with the help of some probability theoretical model. The conclusions we try to draw can then be formulated in terms of the parameters which are included in the model, for instance the expected value and variance of a normal distribution. The classical methods which we go through in the course concern estimation of parameter values, including statistical margins of error, and statistical hypothesis testing.

The goal of the course is to both give understanding for a statistical thinking process, and to teach basic methods of statistical analysis. This happens both theoretically through lectures and excercises, and practically through computer labs.