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Master's Program in Atmospheric Sciences, Oceanography and Climate Physics

In this master’s program the atmosphere and the ocean are described using the laws of physics.

The vertical structure of the atmosphere is determined by the equations for radiation transport of incoming solar radiation and outgoing heat radiation, combined with thermodynamics and the conditions for static stability. The laws of dynamics govern both the smallest turbulent vortices, the low-pressure systems that govern the daily weather, and the large-scale ocean currents. Heat, water and various chemical substances are redistributed between the atmosphere, ocean and land surface under the influence of the circulation. All this is included in the numerical models that are used to simulate the climate system, and to do weather forecasts. Statistical methods are also used to describe the climate, its natural variability and the change caused by humans.

There are two study courses available: one with a general focus and one with a focus on weather forecasting. A more detailed programme overview is available on the respective study course page.