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Bachelor's Programme in Business Administration

The program prepares you for independent, responsible and developing work with tasks related to business management, financial analysis, accounting and marketing, with a focus on sustainability. Bachelor's Programme in Business Administration is in Swedish.

We place great emphasis on developing creative thinking, critical reasoning and your ability to solve problems. The program is based on a vision – businesses and society are based on responsible, sustainable and ethical leadership from both a Swedish and an international perspective. Sustainability issues are integrated into all eight introductory courses in term one and term three. The education gives the student new models, tools and approaches in various subject areas and a solid knowledge base on sustainable business administration.

The program has five subject specializations;
Financial Management - Finance - Management - Marketing - Auditing

Before the fourth semester, students choose one of the program's five subject specializations. However, already in semester two, specific courses are required to be able to choose a subject specialization audit. During semester five, in-depth courses or optional studies abroad are taken. During the completed semester, an independent degree project is carried out. The courses taken during the semester support the degree project.

The education leads to a Bachelor of Economics with business administration as the central area. In addition to subject specialization Auditing leading to a Bachelor of Philosophy degree with business administration as the central area. The bachelor's degree gives the student general eligibility to apply for a master's program.

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