Master's Programme in Management, Organization and Society, 120 credits

About the programme

Master’s programme in Management, Organization & Society is provided by Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University. The programme takes a broad approach to these issues by exploiting the multi-disciplinary nature of management and organization studies. The programme is taught in English.

Based on a range of different perspectives from across the social and human sciences and humanities, the programme enables students to problematize and critically analyse different tendencies and transformations in contemporary modern society and business life, whilst appreciating how we, in interaction with these processes and phenomena, become thinking, feeling and acting human beings.

How to submit your GMAT/ GRE result:

Step one: Upload your score report on your account at or send in a copy of the report to:

University Admissions in Sweden FE 20102 SE–839 87 Östersund SWEDEN

Step two: Make sure that your test-center submits your result to the correct GMAT/ GRE code.

For more information and an overview of the program please refer to education website.

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