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Event-History Analysis: Regression for Longitudinal Event Data

  • 7.5 credits

This course is an introduction to event -history analysis (also known as survival analysis or intensity regression.)

Duration data is commonly used to address many research questions in demography, social sciences, and epidemiology. Examples of such questions are: Which factors influence how long people live, how long they stay unemployed, or when do they start a family? This course introduces the techniques for analyzing such questions and data and covers univariate and basic multivariate (regression) methods for analysis of duration (event-history) data. Students also learn data management skills that are specific to conducting event-history analysis in Stata.

  • Course structure

    Teaching format

    The course is given half-time over a 10 week period. Coursework and examination consist of lectures, research output from demographic studies, and computer-based exercises.


    Examination is based on active participation including a short study presentation, computer exercises, and a take-home exam.


    Docent/Lecturer: Sven Drefahl

  • Schedule

    This is a preliminary schedule and is subject to continuous change. For this reason, we do not recommend print-outs. At the start of the course, your institution will advise where you can find your schedule during the course.
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