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Master´s Thesis in Demography

In the course the student will acquire the ability to independently carry out a research project with demographic relevance and report the outcome in a thesis.

The course is provided at full-time basis the last ten weeks of the  Master's programme in Demography (60 credits).

Upon the completion of the course the student is expected to be able to:
In terms of knowledge and understanding:
-Interpret demographic data and research results and discuss their validity

In terms of accomplishments and competence:
-Formulate relevant demographic research questions and hypotheses
-Link theory and appropriate methods for a specific demographic research  question
-Work independently to carry out a minor scientific study of demographic relevance
-Write and present a scientific text with demographic content
-Write and present a report on demographically relevant questions that canbe  understood by persons without special knowledge in the area

In terms of attitudes and values:
-Search for, compare and critically review demographic data and literaturerelevant for a particular research question
-Identify and deal with ethical questions in demographic research