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Master's Programme in Social Anthropology

  • 120 credits

The Department of Social Anthropology at Stockholm University is a world-leading research institution that provides a global and comparative perspective on the diversity of social and cultural forms of the contemporary world.

The master’s program reflects the Department’s commitment to understanding people, ideas, and objects in situ, and how they travel across political and cultural borders, challenging, reinforcing or redrawing them in the process. Studies are flexible and the program offrs a range of courses that reflects the Department’s research interests. It is also possible, by agreement, to choose courses from other departments to tailor an individual specialization. Compulsory courses are e.g. History and Philosophy of Anthropological Theory, and Anthropological Methods. The methods course teaches fieldwork skills and has a strong practical orientation. Students also take part in the “Writing Anthropology Workshop” which runs throughout their first year of study. During the second year, students formulate an independent research project and carry out long-term fieldwork in Sweden or abroad before writing their thesis.

  • Programme overview

    Schedule and course litterature

    Year 1

    Autumn term

    Course 1: History and Philosophy of Anthropological Theory 

    Course 2: Key Themes in Contemporary Anthropology

    Spring term

    Course 1: Transnational migration

    Course 2: Digital Anthropology

    Course 3: Political Matters

    Course 4: Environmental anthropology

    During all term

    Writing Anthropology Workshop

    Year 2

    Autumn term

    Course 1: Individual tutorial

    Course 2: Social Antropological Method

    Course 3: Anthropological fieldwork

    Course 4: Anthropological Fieldwork Syllabus

    Spring term

    Master thesis