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Study Programme in Social Work

The study program in social work leads to a bachelor’s degree with your major subject social work. During this course of education you will also study sociology, law, psychology, political science and social policy. You will delve deeply into issues concerning different cultural environments and international perspectives of relevance for social work. Significant points of departure are theories of human behavior, social systems, and people’s interaction with their environment. An integral part of the course is supervised practice, which it is possible to carry out also in other countries than Sweden. Social work graduates are a professional group in great demand.

After the completed program, you will be able to work with people of all ages on the individual, group and societal levels. The program will give you a broad competence in social work. You will be able to work with preventive measures as well as with investigation and analysis, treatment, service, co-ordination and planning. Examples of the work carried out by social work graduates are: social welfare officer within the municipal social services, school counsellor, administrator/counsellor in health and sick care, and in child and youth mental welfare services, in family counselling units and in various social programs sponsored by the private or voluntary sectors. You may also choose to work with the treatment of serious offenders, in the institutional care of young offenders or with substance abusers and as administrator and manager in organized care of the elderly and the disabled. Further information can be obtained from the student counsellor at the Department of Social Work.