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Political Science I in English - course package

Are you interested in how politics work? Political science provides knowledge of key political issues and concepts. What is power? What is democracy? What is a citizen? You will learn more about ideas, institutions, and processes in political theory, Swedish politics, comparative politics, and international politics.

Photo: Viktor Gårdsäter.

Political science is the study of politics. Political Science I provides a broad introduction to the subject. The aim of the teaching is to stimulate independent analyses and a problematising approach to political phenomena. The course will provide knowledge of essential political problems and concepts. It will deal with ideas, institutions and processes in the course parts political theory, Swedish politics and public administration, comparative politics, and international politics. The knowledge of politics will be put in a scientific context and discussed from different theoretical perspectives. The course will introduce tools for the students to use for independently interpreting, scrutinising and evaluating scientific results.