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Working papers series in demography

Our latest Stockholm Research Reports in Demography are listed here. When a working paper is published in an academic journal, we remove the working paper pdf and replace it with a link to the journal publication.

Please note that the working papers published here are not peer-reviewed. For a list of our publications in peer-reviewed journals and books by the Stockholm University Demography Unit, please see this page!

Below we list working papers from 2020-2023. 

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  • SRRD 2023:16 Kim, Wooseong. Overqualification among Second Generation Children of Migrants in the Swedish Labor Market  
  • SRRD 2023:15 Nisén, Jessica, Anni Erlandsson and Marika Jalovaara. Gendered Relationship of Childbearing with Earnings Accumulated by Midlife in Two Nordic Countries
  • SRRD 2023:14 Carlsson, Erik. Ethnic fertility differentials among Yugoslavian-born immigrants in Sweden
  • SRRD 2023:13 Kridahl, Linda and Ann-Zofie Duvander. Psychological Wellbeing, Gender Equality and Belongingness among Older Partnered Individuals in Sweden
  • SRRD 2023:12 Wallace, Matthew, Lucinda Hiam, Robert Aldridge. Elevated Mortality among Second-Generation Children of Migrants: What is Going Wrong in Europe?
  • SRRD 2023:11 Engström, Emma and Martin Kolk. Projecting Environmental Impacts with varying Population, Affluence, and Technology using IPAT – Climate Change and Land Use Scenarios
  • SRRD 2023:10 Monti, Andrea and Marianne Tønnessen. Party Penalty or Party Premium? ´Party-Swedes´ in Norway and Their Income before, during, and after Migration
  • SRRD 2023:09 Wilson, Ben, Matthew Wallace and Jan Saarela. Understanding the Intergenerational Impact of Migration: An Adult Mortality Advantage for the Children of Forced Migrants?
  • SRRD 2023:08 Monti, Andrea and Jan Saarela. Geographic Immobility across Three Generations of Natives in Finland
  • SRRD 2023:07 Xia, Weiqian, Martin Kolk and Jan Saarela. Socioeconomic Advantage or Community Attachment? A Register-based Study on the Secularization Difference between Finnish and Swedish Speakers in Finland
  • SRRD 2023:06 Kolk, Martin and Jan Saarela. Religion and Fertility – A Longitudinal Register Study Examining Differences by Sex, Parity, Partner’s Religion, and Religious Conversion in Finland 
  • SRRD 2023:05 Mussino, Eleonora, Sven Drefahl, Matthew Wallace, Sunnee Billingsley, Siddartha Aradhya, Gunnar Andersson. Lives Saved, Lives Lost and Under-reported Covid-19 Deaths: Excess and Non-excess Mortality in Relation to Cause-specific Mortality during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Sweden
  • SRRD 2023:04 Kazenin, Konstantin. Desires for an Additional Child in Developing Countries: the Role of Son Preference
  • SRRD 2023:03 Barclay, Kieron, Martin Kolk, Øystein Kravdal. Birth Spacing and the Health of Mothers and Fathers: an Analysis of Physical and Mental Health Using Individual- and Sibling-Fixed Effects
  • SRRD 2023:02 Grotti, Raffaele, Siddartha Aradhya and Juho Härkönen. Hiring or Firing? The Dynamics of Unemployment Inequality among the Children of Immigrants
  • SRRD 2023:01 Pupaza, Elena, Lisa Harber-Aschan and Ben Wilson. Persistent Educational Inequality among the Children and Grandchildren of Refugees?


  • SRRD 2022:25 Andersson, Linus. The Contribution of Partnership Contexts of Births to Cohort Fertility Rates
  • SRRD 2022:24 Peters, Steffen. The Prospective Power of Personality Factors for Family Formation and Dissolution Processes among Males: Evidence from Swedish Register Data
  • SRRD 2022:23 Kan, Maxim. Sustained and Universal Fertility Recuperation in Kazakhstan
  • SRRD 2022:22 Harber-Aschan, Lisa, Elena Pupaza and Ben Wilson. The Legacy of Exile for Children of Refugees: Inequality and Disparity across Multiple Domains of Life
  • SRRD 2022:21 Kridahl, Linda, Sofi Ohlsson-Wijk and Ann-Zofie Duvander. What Matters Most? The Role of Late Fatherhood and Grandfatherhood on Retirement Timing in Sweden
  • SRRD 2022:20 Wallace, Matthew and Sven Drefahl. Against the Grain: International Migration, Mortality and Population Health in Sweden, 1990-2019
  • SRRD 2022:19 Kawalerowicz, Juta, Agneta Cederström, Eva Andersson and Bo Malmberg. COVID-19 in the Neighbourhood: the Socio-Spatial Selectivity of Severe COVID-19 Cases in Sweden, March 2020-June 2021
  • SRRD 2022:18 Dabergott, Filip. Demographic Change among the Widowed Population in Sweden 1970-2019
  • SRRD 2022:17 Bujard, Martin and Gunnar Andersson. Fertility Declines near the End of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence of the 2022 Birth Declines in Germany and Sweden
  • SRRD 2022:16 Andersson, Linus and Martin Kolk. Kinship and Socioeconomic Status: Social Gradients in Frequencies of Kin Across the Life Course in Sweden
  • SRRD 2022:15 Khaef, Samaneh. Initial Residential Patterns of Immigrants across the Urban Hierarchy in Sweden: The Role of Education
  • SRRD 2022:14 Shi, Jiaxin and Martin Kolk. The Inequality of Lifetime Pensions 
  • SRRD 2022:13 Eriksson, Helen and Martin Kolk. Parental Union Dissolution and the Gender Revolution
  • SRRD 2022:12 Schmauk, Sarah, Anna-Karin Nylin. Mothers’ Earnings Trajectories after Separation in Sweden and Western Germany
  • SRRD 2022:11 Höhn, Andreas, Gunnar Andersson, Hill Kulu, and Brad Campbell. Generations and Gender in the Fertility of Immigrants and their Descendants: a Register-based Study of Sweden
  • SRRD 2022:10 Wilson, Ben, Eleonora Mussino, Caroline Uggla. Patterns of Early Adult Disadvantage among the Children of Immigrants: Life Course Trajectories across Multiple Domains of Life
  • SRRD 2022:09 Grotti, Raffaele and Giampiero Passaretta. Intragenerational Wage Mobility and the Social Disadvantage: a Comparative Study of West Germany and the United States 
  • SRRD 2022:08 Neyer, Gerda and Gunnar Andersson, Johan Dahlberg, Sofi Ohlsson Wijk, Linus Andersson, Sunnee Billingsley. Fertility Decline, Fertility Reversal and Changing Childbearing Considerations in Sweden: a Turn to Subjective Imaginations?
  • SRRD 2022:07 Cozzani, Marco and Peter Fallesen, Giampiero Passaretta, Juho Härkönen and Fabrizio Bernardi. The Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic for Fertility and Birth Outcomes: Evidence from Spanish Birth Registers. Final version published 2023 in Population and Development Review.
  • SRRD 2022:06 Billingsley, Sunnee and Livia Olah. Patterns of Co-residential Relationships across Cohorts in Post-socialist Countries. Less Time for Childbearing? Final version published 2022 in Social Inclusion 10 (3) 
  • SRRD 2022:05 Barclay, Kieron and Dalton Conley. The Influence of Cousin Order and Cousin Group Size on Educational Outcomes
  • SRRD 2022:04 Vogiazides, Louisa and Juta Kawalerowicz. Urban Exodus in Covid Times: Who Moves out of the Inner City of Stockholm and Where Do They Go?
  • SRRD 2022:03 Peters, Steffen and Kieron Barclay. Leadership Skills and Completed Fertility among Males: a Study Based on Data from Swedish Registries
  • SRRD 2022:02 Kridahl, Linda and Ann-Zofie Duvander. Relationship Satisfaction and the Role of Bargaining Power and Pooling of Money in Older Couples in Sweden
  • SRRD 2022:01 Ohlsson-Wijk, Sofi and Gunnar Andersson. Disentangling the Swedish Fertility Decline of the 2010s. Final version published 2022 in Demographic Research 47(12): 345-358


  • SRRD 2021:29 Wilson, Ben. The Childbearing of Immigrants who Arrived as Children: Understanding the Role of Age at Arrival for Women and Men
  • SRRD 2021:28 Kolk, Martin, Linus Andersson, Emma Pettersson, Sven Drefahl. The Swedish Kinship Universe – a Demographic Account of the Number of Children, Parents, Siblings, Grandchildren, Grandparents, Aunts/uncles, Nieces/nephews, and Cousins Using National Population Registers
  • SRRD 2021:27 Andersson, Gunnar, Sven Drefahl, Eleonora Mussino, Karin Modig and Anna C. Meyer. Patterns in COVID-19 Mortality and Morbidity in Sweden during the Pandemic Year March 2020-February 2021
  • SRRD 2021:26 Pupaza, Elena, Selina Hofstetter and Ben Wilson. Economic Effects of Partner Loss: Examining Vulnerability at the Intersection of Gender and Nativity
  • SRRD 2021:25 Comolli, Chiara, Gunnar Andersson. Partisan Fertility in the aftermath of the Great Recession
  • SRRD 2021:24 Saarela, Jan, Martin Kolk, Caroline Uggla. Discordance between Language Use and Ethnolinguistic Affiliation Predicts Divorce of Exogamous Couples. Final version published 2022 in Acta Sociologica,
  • SRRD 2021:23 Lindmarker, Jesper. Cohabitation and Mortality across the Life Course 
  • SRRD 2021:22 Mussino, Eleonora. Do Leave Policies Impact Fertility? The Case of Immigrants from Low-fertility Countries in Sweden 
  • SRRD 2021:21 Artamonova, Alyona, Brian Joseph Gillespie. Internal Migration toward Siblings in Later Life 
  • SRRD 2021:20 Wallace, Matthew, Michael J Thomas, José Manuel Aburto, Anna Vera Jørring Pallesen, Laust Hvas Mortensen, Astri Syse, Sven Drefahl. The Impact of the Mortality of International Migrants on Estimates and Comparisons of National Life Expectancy: a Comparative Study of Four Nordic Nations
  • SRRD 2021:19 Wallace, Matthew. Mortality Advantage Reversed: The Causes of Death Driving All-cause Mortality Differentials between Migrants, the Descendants of Migrants and Ancestral Natives in Sweden, 1997-2016
  • SRRD 2021:18 Shi, Jiaxin, Martin Kolk. How Does Mortality Contribute to Lifetime Pension Inequality? Evidence from Five Decades of Swedish Taxation Data. Final version published 2022 in Demography, DOI:
  • SRRD 2021:17 Kolk, Martin, Sven Drefahl, Matthew Wallace, Gunnar Andersson. Excess Mortality and COVID-19 in Sweden in 2020: a Demographic Account. Final version published 2022 in Vienna Yearbook of Population Research 2022 (Vol. 20): 1–32
  • SRRD 2021:16 Kan, Maxim. Gender Revolution in Kazakhstan? Implications for Fertility Intentions
  • SRRD 2021:15 Campbell, Brad. An Assessment of Religious Segregation in Northern Ireland’s Schools
  • SRRD 2021:14 Campbell, Brad. A Study of Religious Residential Segregation in Northern Ireland, 1981-2011
  • SRRD 2021:13 Campbell, Brad. Disentangling the Demographic Drivers of Religious Population Change in Northern Ireland 
  • SRRD 2021:12 Weber, Rosa, Louisa Vogiazides. Integration Outcomes of Second-Generation Migrants in Sweden: a Multidimensional Inquiry. Final version published 2023 in Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 83 
  • SRRD 2021:11 Kolk, Martin, Karim Jebari. Sex Selection for Daughters: Demographic Consequences of Female-biased Sex Ratios. Final version published 2022 in Population Research and Policy Review, 41:1619-1639
  • SRRD 2021:10 Uggla, Caroline, Jan Saarela. First Partner Choice in a Native Minority: the Role of Own and Parental Ethnolinguistic Affiliation in Finland 
  • SRRD 2021:09 Sandström, Glenn Mojgan Padyab, Haruko Noguchi and Rong Fu. Changes in Demographic and Socioeconomic Determinants of Living alone among Women in Sweden and Japan since the 1990s 
  • SRRD 2021:08 Mussino, Eleonora, Stefano Cantalini. Influences of Origin and Destination on Migrant Fertility in Europe 
  • SRRD 2021:07 Andersson, Gunnar, Johan Dahlberg, Gerda Neyer. A Swedish Generations and Gender Survey 2021: Familjer och vardagsliv i Sverige och Europa
  • SRRD 2021:06 Thomson, Elizabeth, Johan Dahlberg, Signe Svallfors. Childbearing across Partnerships in Europe and the United States
  • SRRD 2021:05 Monti, Andrea, Eleonora Mussino. Did They Stay or Did They Go: the Role of Intention behind Re-migration Behaviour 
  • SRRD 2021:04 Wilson, Ben, Maarten J. Bijlsma, Siddartha Aradhya, Alice Goisis. Problems in the Family: Controlling for Age, Period or Cohort in Sibling Comparison Designs
  • SRRD 2021:03 Peters, Steffen. The Prospective Power of Personality for Childbearing: a Longitudinal Study Based on Data from Germany. Final version published 2023 in Genus 79 (6) 
  • SRRD 2021:02 Malmberg, Bo, Eva K. Andersson. Exploring Life-course Trajectories in Local Spatial Contexts across Sweden
  • SRRD 2021:01 Eriksson, Helen, Maria Brandén. Från jämställda par till ojämställda föräldrar: Rationella par eller begränsade val?


  • SRRD 2020:52 Kolk, Martin. Government Transfers to Parents and Population Policy in a Global Perspective: an Economic Demographic Approach
  • SRRD 2020:51 Svallfors, Signe. Contraceptive Choice as Risk Reduction? The Importance of Local Violence for Uptake of Female Sterilization in Colombia. Final version published 2021 in Population Studies, DOI: 10.1080/00324728.2021.1953118
  • SRRD 2020:50 Svallfors, Signe. The Remarkable Stability of Fertility Desires during the Colombian Armed Conflict 2000–2016. Final version published 2021 in  Population, Space and Place: e2514
  • SRRD 2020:49 Saarela, Jan, Martin Kolk. Birth Order and Alcohol-related Mortality by Ethnic Origin and National Context: Within-family Comparisons for Finland and Sweden. Final version published 2021 in Drug and Alcohol Dependence, DOI: 10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2021.108859
  • SRRD 2020:48 Uggla, Caroline, Eleonora Mussino, Siddartha Aradhya. Are Women from Man-older Unions Economically Disadvantaged Following Separation? Analysing Benefit Recipiency among Ancestral and Immigrant Mothers in Sweden 
  • SRRD 2020:47 Mussino, Eleonora, Stefano Cantalini. Multiple-origin and Multiple-destination: the Fertility of Migrants in Europe
  • SRRD 2020:46 Andersson, Gunnar. A Review of Policies and Practices Related to the “Highest-Low” Fertility of Sweden: A 2020 Update 
  • SRRD 2020:45 Samuelsson, Jonas. Partner Age Gap and Child Health in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • SRRD 2020:44 Aradhya, Siddartha, Maria Brandén, Sven Drefahl, Ognjen Obućina, Gunnar Andersson, Mikael Rostila, Eleonora Mussino, Sol P. Juárez. Lack of Acculturation Does Not Explain Excess COVID-19 Mortality among Immigrants. a Population-based Cohort Study
  • SRRD 2020:43 Svallfors, Signe. Hidden Casualties: The Links between Armed Conflict and Intimate Partner Violence in Colombia. Final version published 2021 in Politics & Gender, 1-33, DOI:10.1017/S1743923X2100043X
  • SRRD 2020:42 Khaef, Samaneh. Registration of Immigrants’ Educational Attainment in Sweden: an Analysis of Sources and Time. Final version published 2022 in Genus 78, 16
  • SRRD 2020:41 Cheng, Yen-hsin Alice, Martin Kolk. An East–West Dichotomy? Shifting Marriage Age Patterns in Taiwan and Sweden over Two Centuries. Final version published 2021 in The History of the Family, DOI:10.1080/1081602X.2021.1931404
  • SRRD 2020:40 Wallace, Matthew, Ben Wilson, Frances Darlington-Pollock. The Children of the Windrush: Social Inequalities across Multiple Domains of Life
  • SRRD 2020:39 Rostila, Mikael, Agneta Cederström, Matthew Wallace, Maria Brandén, Bo Malmberg, Gunnar Andersson. Disparities in Covid-19 Deaths by Country of Birth in Stockholm, Sweden: a Total Population Based Cohort Study. Final version published 2021 in American Journal of Epidemiology: kwab057.
  • SRRD 2020:38 Schubert, Henrik-Alexander. Encouraging Mothers: The Effect of German Regional Childcare Policies on Maternal Employment between 2006 and 2018
  • SRRD 2020:37 Cozzani,Marco, Siddartha Aradhya, Alice Goisis. The Cognitive Development from Childhood to Adolescence of Low Birth Weight Children Born after Medical Assisted Reproduction – a UK Longitudinal Cohort Study. Final version published 2021 in International Journal of Epidemiology: dyab009.  
  • SRRD 2020:36 Billingsley, Sunnee, Maria Brandén, Siddartha Aradhya, Sven Drefahl, Gunnar Andersson, Eleonora Mussino. Deaths in the Frontline: Occupation-Specific COVID-19 Mortality Risks in Sweden
  • SRRD 2020:35 Lindström, Jonathan, Eleonora Mussino, Livia Oláh. Childbearing among Women with Polish Migrant Background in Sweden: a Combined Origin-Destination Country Approach
  • SRRD 2020:34 Oláh, Livia, Lena Karlsson, Glenn Sandström. Committed to Independence? An Exploratory Study of Living-Apart-Together (LAT) in Contemporary Sweden. Final version published 2021 in Journal of Family Issues, DOI:10.1177/0192513X211041988
  • SRRD 2020:33 Carlsson, Erik. The Realization of Short-term Fertility Intentions among Immigrants and Children of Immigrants in Norway and Sweden. Final version published 2022 in International Migration Review, DOI: 10.1177/01979183221107930
  • SRRD 2020:32 Andersson, Gunnar. Family Behavior of Migrants: An Overview. Final version published 2021 In: Schneider, N., and Kreyenfeld, M., Eds., Research Handbook on the Sociology of the Family: 263-276. Research Handbooks in Sociology. Edward Elgar Publishing. DOI: 10.4337/9781788975544.00026
  • SRRD 2020:31 Brandén, Maria, Siddartha Aradhya, Martin Kolk, Juho Härkönen, Sven Drefahl, Bo Malmberg, Mikael Rostila, Agneta Cederström, Gunnar Andersson, Eleonora Mussino. Residential Context and COVID-19 Mortality among the Elderly in Stockholm: a Population-based, Observational Study. Final version published 2020 in Lancet Healthy Longevity 1 (2): E80-E88.
  • SRRD 2020:30 Andersson, Linus. Oh Half Brother, Where Art Thou? The Boundaries for Full- and Half Sibling Interaction. Final version published 2020 in Demographic Research 43(16): 431-460.
  • SRRD 2020:29 Ma, Li, Curt Hagquist, Annette Løvheim Kleppang. Leisure Time Physical Activity and Depressive Symptoms among Adolescents in Sweden. Final version published 2020 in BMC Public Health 20, 997. 
  • SRRD 2020:28 Jalovaara, Marika, Linus Andersson, Anneli Miettinen. Parity Disparity: Educational Differences in Nordic Fertility across Parities and Number of Reproductive Partners
  • SRRD 2020:27 Saarela, Jan, Martin Kolk. Alcohol-related Mortality by Ethnic Origin: Findings Based on Multigenerational Population Register Data from Finland and Sweden. Final version published 2020 in BMJ Open 10:e042234.
  • SRRD 2020:26 Gähler, Michael, Livia Olah. Parental Divorce, Maternal Employment, and Attitudes to Gender Equality in Sweden
  • SRRD 2020:25 Batyra, Ewa, Ben Wilson, Ernestina Coast, Valeria Cetorelli. Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting across Africa: Dynamics of Change and Socioeconomic Variation. Final version published 2020 in BMJ Global Health: e003088.
  • SRRD 2020:24 Duvander, Ann-Zofie, Linda Kridahl. Do Couples Manage Money Differently at Different Ages? A Study on What Leads to Couples’ Economic Conflicts. Final version published 2021 as "Best done differently? Couples’ money pooling and the association with economic conflicts" in Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, DOI:10.1177/02654075211056561
  • SRRD 2020:23 Drefahl, Sven, Matthew Wallace, Eleonora Mussino, Siddartha Aradhya, Martin Kolk, Maria Brandén, Bo Malmberg, Gunnar Andersson. Socio-demographic Risk Factors of COVID-19 Deaths in Sweden: a Nationwide Register Study. Final version published 2020 in Nature Communications 11: 5097.
  • SRRD 2020:22 Mussino, Eleonora, Ben Wilson, Gunnar Andersson. The Fertility of Immigrants from Low Fertility Settings: Adaptation in the Tempo and Quantum of Childbearing?
  • SRRD 2020:21 Kridahl, Linda, Ann-Zofie Duvander. “Why Did You Spend Money on that?” Older Partners’ Economic Conflicts and Management of Household Money in Sweden
  • SRRD 2020:20 Saarela, Jan, Ben Wilson. Forced Migration and the Childbearing of Women and Men: a Disruption of the Tempo and Quantum of Fertility? 
  • SRRD 2020:19 Drefahl, Sven, Eleonora Mussino. How Does the Age of the Child Affect Parental Survival? Final version published 2023 in Genus, 79 (10)
  • SRRD 2020:18 Weber, Rosa, Jan Saarela. Who Migrates in a Setting of Free Mobility? Assessing the Reason for Migration and Integration Patterns using Cross-national Register Data from Finland and Sweden
  • SRRD 2020:17 Uggla, Caroline, Ben Wilson. Age Gaps between Partners among Immigrants and Their Descendants: Adaptation across Time and Generations? Final version published 2021 in Population Studies, doi:10.1080/00324728.2021.1998583
  • SRRD 2020:16 Saarela, Jan, Martin Kolk, Ognjen Obućina. Kinship, Heritage and Ethnic Choice: Ethnolinguistic Registration across Four Generations in Contemporary Finland
  • SRRD 2020:15 Tønnessen, Marianne, Siddartha Aradhya, Eleonora Mussino. How the War in Syria Changed the Demography of Sweden and Norway - a Demographic Butterfly Effect. Final version published 2021 in PLOS ONE 16(1): e0244670.
  • SRRD 2020:14 Aradhya, Siddartha, Raffaele Grotti, Juho Härkönen. Heterogeneous Unemployment Dynamics of Ancestral Swedes and Second-Generation Immigrants. Final version published 2023 in European Sociological Review: jcac071
  • SRRD 2020:13 Duvander, Ann-Zofie, Karin Halldén, Alison Koslowski, Gabriella Sjögren Lindquist. Income Loss and Leave Taking: Do Financial Benefit Top-ups Influence Fathers' Parental Leave Use in Sweden? 
  • SRRD 2020:12 Mureşan, Cornelia, Livia Oláh. Men’s First Partnership Formation in Four Former State-Socialist Countries during the Transition Period. Final version published 2020 in Romanian Journal of Population Studies 13(2): 35-52.
  • SRRD 2020:11 Kolk, Martin, Kieron Barclay. Do Income and Marriage Mediate the Relationship between Cognitive Ability and Fertility? Data from Swedish Taxation and Conscriptions Registers for Men Born 1951-1967. Final version published 2021 in Intelligence 84: 101514
  • SRRD 2020:10 Klængur Jónsson, Ari. Friends or Foes: Semi-Formalized Cohabitation and Subsequent Marital Stability in Iceland, 1995-2013 
  • SRRD 2020:09 Turunen, Jani, Maria Brandén, Karin Lundström. Geographical Distance between Child and Parent after a Union Dissolution in Sweden 1974-2011. Final version published 2023 in Demographic Research 48(17): 439-482 
  • SRRD 2020:08 Capkova, Klara, Marika Jalovaara. Educational Disadvantages in Single Fatherhood and Single Motherhood Family Pathways
  • SRRD 2020:07 Comoli, Chiara. Resources and Aspirations during the Great Recession: the Impact on the Transition to Motherhood. Final version published 2021 in Advances in Life Course Research: 100405.
  • SRRD 2020:06 Duvander, Ann-Zofie, Eleonora Mussino, Jussi Tervola. Similar Negotiations over Childcare? A Comparative Study of Fahters' Leave Use in Finland and Sweden
  • SRRD 2020:05 Härkönen, Juho, Sunnee Billingsley, Maria Hornung. Divorce Trends in Seven Countries Over the Long Transition from State Socialism: 1981–2004. Final version published 2020 in Mortelmans D. (eds) Divorce in Europe. European Studies of Population, vol 21. Springer, Cham.
  • SRRD 2020:04 Keenan, Katherine, Kieron Barclay, and Alice Goisis. Health Outcomes of Only Children across the Life Course: an Investigation Using Swedish Register Data 
  • SRRD 2020:03 Vogiazides, Louisa, and Hernan Mondani. Geographical Trajectories of Refugees in Sweden. Uncovering Patterns and Drivers of Inter-regional (Im)mobility. Final version published 2020 in Journal of Refugee Studies: feaa074.
  • SRRD 2020:02 Wallace, Matthew, and Ben Wilson. Age Variations and Over-Coverage: Is the Migrant Mortality Advantage Merely a Data Artefact?  Final version published 2021 in Population Studies, DOI: 10.1080/00324728.2021.1877331
  • SRRD 2020:01 Dabergott, Filip. The Gendered Widowhood Effect and Social Mortality Gap 

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