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Halvtidsseminarium: David De Lorenzi Turner


Datum: onsdag 9 mars 2022

Tid: 15.00

David De Lorenzi Turner, halvtidseminarium: Neolithic Wooden Post Structures: Postholes, depositions and the playing out of time.


In this seminar I will present some aspects of my ongoing research, Neolithic circular structures, which examines Neolithic timber buildings primarily in south Sweden and Denmark. This talk also include a contextualisation of my project, the current state of my work as well as the course ahead. 

The aim of this thesis is to explore what post circles do and the effects they generate. This involves examining the diachronically relationship on sites with post circles. My focus will be to research the practices of making post circles and explore the dynamic relations to architectural constructing. In this talk I will focus on some parts of my theoretical chapter, which I have been working on recently.

There are many reasons on focusing on built structures from the Middle Neolithic. Since the 1990s has the number of buildings dated to Neolithic period increased, however compared with the overall archaeological sites excavated are remains of timber buildings small. Additionally, there is a source critical point regarding the identified buildings from the Malmö area and elsewhere, they are not always entirely convincing in terms of construction type or finds that can be used as a basis for dating. Dwellings from this time period have therefore been hard to identify. However, with taking seriously the evidence of post circles dating to the Neolithic period can give insight into buildings from this period as well as their effect on them living with these buildings. 

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