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Datum: fredag 26 november 2021

Tid: 15.15 – 16.45

Plats: D734

Samtal med Teresa Marques om hat i hattal.

Discussion session with the author present – an invitation!

Dear friends, students and colleagues,

We at MAP Stockholm are happy to invite you all to participate in a discussion session together with us and Professor Teresa Marques on November 26th! The topic of the discussion will be "the expression of hate in hate speech", and we will all have the pleasure of reading and discussing Teresa's forthcoming paper on the subject.
The event is open to faculty members and students at all levels, and we hope to create an informal and accessible space for interesting discussions. We especially encourage students who are interested in meeting and talking with professional philosophers to join us!
Important information:
The session will take place in TBD between 15.15-16.45 (3.15-4.45 pm). Since our time is limited, participants will be expected to read Teresa's paper in advance (we hope to distribute it at least one week before the event). To get access to the paper, we ask that participants register for the event by sending an e-mail to
About Professor Marques:
From December 2021, Teresa Marques is an Associate Professor at the University of Barcelona. Until then, she is a Beatriz Galindo distinguished researcher with a grant of the Spanish Science Ministry at the same university, and a researcher with the LOGOS Group and the BIAP - Barcelona Institute for Analytic Philosophy. Her recent work focuses on disagreement and conflicts, evaluative and normative discourse, including pejoratives, hate speech, feminism, and on the interaction between language and social reality.

About Teresa