Stockholms universitet

Transforming educator identities and roles in family engagement


Datum: tisdag 28 september 2021

Tid: 15.00 – 16.30

Plats: Zoom

Kathryn Brooks, professor vid Butler University i Indianapolis, USA, gästade Institutionen för språkdidaktik för ett digitalt högre seminarium.

På de högre seminarierna vid Institutionen för språkdidaktik presenteras och diskuteras pågående såväl som avslutad forskning, både av våra egna forskare och forskare som gästar oss.

Dr Katie Brooks

Högre seminariet ISD - tisdag 28 september 2021

Transforming educator identities and roles in family engagement through critical participatory action research

Kathryn Brooks är professor vid Butler University i Indianapolis, USA.


Transformative approaches are essential for teachers, researchers, and teacher educators to rethink their identities and roles and to position themselves as both collaborators with and learners from immigrant families and communities. In this presentation, I will share how Transformational Theory and Critical Participatory Action Research (CPAR) creates conditions for teachers to engage in professional learning that centers on immigrant and refugee families.

In collaboration with immigrant and refugee community advocates, our research team used CPAR to understand the needs and desires of immigrant and refugee families, to integrate that information into our curriculum, and to support teachers to work with families to pursue shared lines of inquiry embedded in their everyday lives, experiences, and needs. I will describe positive shifts in teacher identity and perceptions as teachers prioritized families over school structures and processes and share challenges we encountered such as the power imbalances connected to our positionality as white native English-speaking researchers working in linguistically diverse communities of color.

Seminariet gavs i samverkan med Stockholms universitets forskarnätverk för skolutveckling.