The innate immune system is rapidly responding to defend against incoming pathogens. Our research is aiming to explore pathogen interaction with host cell signaling, and its correlation with subversion or induction of protective innate responses. The overall aim is to study early innate immune responses against virus infections to reveal early biomarkers and novel therapeutic targets. We are in particular interested in responses engaged after Toll-like-receptor signaling and after contact with apoptotic cells. The aim with these projects is to enhance the understanding of early innate mechanisms during infections or tissue damage with the dendritic cell in focus. This knowledge will contribute to novel approaches of immune modeling during immune pathogenesis and the development of vaccine adjuvants, where the activation of dendritic cells has emerged as a key event in shaping the following adaptive immune responses.


Key words: Dendritic cell, TLR, apoptotic cell, cytokines, host restriction factors, HIV-1, RSV, TBEV, influenza.



Selected publications

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