MBW unites approximately 30 independent research groups and currently has a staff of around 180, of which 50 are PhD students. Read more about how MBW is organized on this page.

The highest decision-making body at the Department of Molecular Biosciences is the Department Board, in which researchers, PhD students and the techincal/administrative staff are represented. The Head of Department is responisble for all activities at the department, with support of the Vice Department Head and the Head of Administration. 

Read more about MBW's organization and the process of decision-making at our department:  Decision-making at MBW (543 Kb)

  • Head of Department: Neus Visa
  • Vice Head of Department: Mattias Mannervik 
  • Head of Administration: Camilla Eldeby
  • Director of PhD studies: Kristina Jonas
  • Director of Undergraduate studies: Stefan Åström

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The Department Board is elected every three years, and is chaired by the Head of Department. Below you will find the elected representatives for the Department Board 2021-2023, as well as meeting dates and protocols from the previous year. 


Neus Visa, Head of Department

Co-opted member: 

Camilla Eldeby, Head of Administration


Camilla Eldeby, (Temporary)


  • Mattias Mannervik, Vice Department head 
  • Sabrina Büttner, Associate Professor
  • Claes Andréasson, Associate Professor
  • Antonio Barragan, Professor
  • Ylva Engström, Professor
  • Martin Jastroch, Associate Professor
  • Tore Bengtsson, Professor
  • Anna Nilsson Rosin, Financial Officer
  • Simon Prokisch, PhD Student
  • Irene Alvarez, PhD Student
  • Elena Afanaseva, PhD Student


  • Ulrich Theopold, Professor
  • Kristina Jonas, Associate Professor
  • Qi Dai, Associate Professor
  • Kicki Ryman, Bio Technician
  • Claudia Arasa Cuartiella, PhD Student
  • Vaishnovi Sekar, PhD Student
  • Thomas Grochalski, PhD Student

Meetings 2023



January 12
February 1
February 22
March 22
May 3
June 7
August 23
October 4
November 16
December 6

Protocols Department Board



Representatives in the Board of Science 2021-2023

  • Eva Sverremark Ekström, Professor
  • Mattias Mannervik, Professor (Group alternate)

MBW’s representatives in the Biology section 

  • Neus Visa, Professor and head of department
  • Antonio Barragan, Professor
  • Kristina Jonas, Associate Professor
  • Claes Andréasson, Associate professor (representing the BioResearch School)
  • Eva Sverremark Ekström and Mattias Mannervik (as members of the Board of Science)

The PhD Council at the department of Molecular Biosciences, The Wenner-Gren Institute (MBW) represents about 60 graduate students covering three different profile areas: Infection and Immunobiology, Integrative Biology and Molecular Cell Biology. The PhD Council’s primary function is to ensure quality of education and to promote good working and social environment for our graduate students.

The PhD Council Board is responsible for the overall operations of the PhD Council. The board meets regularly and consists out of six graduate students:

  • Simon Prokisch (Chair)
  • Aswathy Kallazhi (Vice Chair)
  • Claudia Arasa (Secretary/Treasurer)
  • Isabella Badolati (Board member)
  • Sergei Pirogov (Board member)
  • Tatjana Lömker (Board member)
  • Vaishnovi Sekar (Board member)

If you want to get in contact with the PhD Board, please send an e-mail to

Protocols PhD Council and PhD Council Board

MBW PhD Council Bylaws (1020 Kb)



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