Regulation of cell fate decisions is fundamental to development, disease, and regeneration.  The Dai lab will address how gene regulatory systems guide the assembly of complex biological patterns and aims to obtain extensive understanding of neural fate decisions and stem cell biology.

To achieve that, we exploit the combination of molecular, genetic and genomic approaches, and take advantage of two developmental systems, Drosophila periphery nervous system (PNS) and mouse neocortex.  In both contexts, gene regulation by Notch signaling and cell-type specific transcription factors (TFs) specifies an array of cell types and also controls the dynamics of neural stem cell renewal and differentiation. Our initial findings in fly will subsequently be used to guide similar studies in a mouse model. Together, we hope to understand how conserved molecular systems control cell specification to generate a functional organ during animal development.


Keywords: cell fate specification, neural development, neural stem cells, Notch signaling, transcription factor, genomics


Selected publications

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