Publications Samakovlis

Author Title Year
Wenguang Yin, Andreas Liontos, Janine Koepke,
et al.
An essential function for autocrine hedgehog signaling in epithelial proliferation and differentiation in the trachea 2022
Chiara H. Moretti, Tomas A. Schiffer, Marcelo F. Montenegro,
et al.
Dietary nitrite extends lifespan and prevents age-related locomotor decline in the fruit fly 2021
Alexandros Sountoulidis, Andreas Liontos, Alexandra B. Firsova,
et al.
SCRINSHOT enables spatial mapping of cell states in tissue sections with single-cell resolution 2021
Swati Dabral, Christian Muecke, Chanil Valasarajan,
et al.
A RASSF1A-HIF1 alpha loop drives Warburg effect in cancer and pulmonary hypertension 2019
Vasilios Tsarouhas, Dan Liu, Georgia Tsikala,
et al.
WASH phosphorylation balances endosomal versus cortical actin network integrities during epithelial morphogenesis 2019
Kassiani Skouloudaki, Ioannis Christodoulou, Dilan Khalili,
et al.
Yorkie controls tube length and apical barrier integrity during airway development 2019
Oleksiy Klymenko, Martin Huehn, Jochen Wilhelm,
et al.
Regulation and role of the ER stress transcription factor CHOP in alveolar epithelial type-II cells 2019
Liqun Yao, Shenqiu Wang, Jakub O. Westholm,
et al.
Genome-wide identification of Grainy head targets in Drosophila reveals regulatory interactions with the POU domain transcription factor Vvl 2017
Chie Hosono, Ryo Matsuda, Boris Adryan,
et al.
Transient junction anisotropies orient annular cell polarization in the Drosophila airway tubes 2016
Ryo Matsuda, Chie Hosono, Kaoru Saigo,
et al.
The Intersection of the Extrinsic Hedgehog and WNT/Wingless Signals with the Intrinsic Hox Code Underpins Branching Pattern and Tube Shape Diversity in the Drosophila Airways 2015
Ryo Matsuda, Chie Hosono, Christos Samakovlis,
et al.
Multipotent versus differentiated cell fate selection in the developing Drosophila airways 2016
Vasilios Tsarouhas, Liqun Yao, Christos Samakovlis
Src kinases and ERK activate distinct responses to Stitcher receptor tyrosine kinase signaling during wound healing in Drosophila 2014
Susanne Krauss-Etschmann, Andrew Bush, Saverio Bellusci,
et al.
Of flies, mice and men : a systematic approach to understanding the early life origins of chronic lung disease 2013
Fergal O'Farrell, Shenqiu Wang, Nadja Katheder,
et al.
Two-Tiered Control of Epithelial Growth and Autophagy by the Insulin Receptor and the Ret-Like Receptor, Stitcher 2013
Katarina Tiklova, Vasilios Tsarouhas, Christos Samakovlis
Control of Airway Tube Diameter and Integrity by Secreted Chitin-Binding Proteins in Drosophila 2013
Shenqiu Wang, Christos Samakovlis
Grainy head and its target genes in epithelial morphogenesis and wound healing 2012
Nicole Wagner, Annika Weyhersmüller, Anna Blauth,
et al.
The Drosophila LEM-domain protein MAN1 antagonizes BMP signaling at the neuromuscular junction and the wing crossveins 2010
Katarína Tiklová, Kirsten-André Senti, Shenqiu Wang,
et al.
Epithelial septate junction assembly relies on melanotransferrin iron binding and endocytosis in Drosophila 2010
Shenqiu Wang, Vasilis Tsarouhas, Nikos Xylourgidis,
et al.
The tyrosine kinase Stitcher activates Grainy head and epidermal woundhealing in Drosophila. 2010
Nuria M Romero, Maximiliano Irisarri, Peggy Roth,
et al.
Regulation of the Drosophila hypoxia-inducible factor alpha Sima by CRM1-dependent nuclear export. 2008
Satish Arcot Jayaram, Kirsten-André Senti, Katarina Tiklová,
et al.
COPI Vesicle Transport Is a Common Requirement for Tube Expansion in Drosophila 2009
Christos Samakovlis


Christos Samakovlis, Professor

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