We are interested in factors affecting the sensitivity of eukaryotic cells to ionising radiation. We work with various cell types that we irradiate with different doses and dose rates of ionising radiation. We have sources for both low and high-LET radiation. We analyse cytogenetic effects (chromosomal aberrations and micronuclei), DNA repair (γH2AX foci-kinetics, comet assay) and cell survival. In addition, we are also interested in the mechanisms underlying individual radiosensitivity and methods of biological dosimetry.

Radiation sensitivity, biological dosimetry, chromosomal aberrations, DNA damage


Andrzej Wojcik group


Selected publications

Skiöld, S., Naslund, I., Brehwens, K., Andersson, A., Wersall, P., Lidbrink, E., Harms-Ringdahl, M., Wojcik, A., & Haghdoost, S. (2013). Radiation-induced stress response in peripheral blood of breast cancer patients differs between patients with severe acute skin reactions and patients with no side effects to radiotherapy. Mutat Res.  (Epub ahead of print)

Staaf, E., Deperas-Kaminska, M., Brehwens, K., Haghdoost, S., Czub, J., & Wojcik, A. (2013). Complex aberrations in lymphocytes exposed to mixed beams of 241Am alpha particles and X-rays. Mutat Res. (Epub ahead of print)

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