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Om mig

I'm a doctoral candidate currently researching how does intellectual property theory answer to pressing contemporary issues, namely the demand for innovation in the context of neglected tropical diseases. I'm supervised by Associate Professor Frantzeska Papadopoulou and Professor Antonina Bakardjieva.


The provisional dissertation name is currently "The limits of intellectual property theory: a critique on market as an incentive structure against the challenge of neglected tropical diseases". My research objective is to explore and eventually develop viable explanations in line with the current legal and theoretical frameworks, explore their limits and potential contradictions, in order to establish to what extent conventional intellectual property theory (i.e., as codified in the TRIPS Agreement and generally accepted as a standard to knowledge production) can explain the persistence of unattended demand personified in the so-called "bottom billion" of the world population. In terms of method, I approach the subject by means of law and economics, then re-evaluated through Critical Studies and critical legal theory, following the notion of immanent critique.


In addition to my current research agenda, I'm interested in innovation and cooperation (namely open science, open data and free software), in public policy (poverty, development, transparency and open government in general), and in methodology (empirical legal studies and all sorts of heterodox legal methods).




I have a degree in Law (2009), a postgraduate diploma in Economic Law (2015) and a master degree in Economic and Budgetary Law (2017). Previously to joining Stockholm University, I was a PhD student at the University of Glasgow (2018).


I have worked in the public sector (2008-2015), and  in several research and consultancy projects (2015-2018). 


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