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Edouard Pesquet


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Om mig

Principal Investigator of "Cell differentiation and coordination in tissues" research team

The transition of plant habitats from water onto land during evolution was enabled by the development of a vascular system with dual function: (i) to transport water and minerals absorbed by the roots to all other plant organs to circumvent terrestrial life air dryness and (ii) to reinforce mechanically the axis of plant organs to resist gravity. Xylem tissue is just such a system for it transports the water and mineral (N, S, P,...) up to the leaves and its strength provides essential physical support.

The research aims of the "Cell differentiation and coordination in tissues" group is to elucidate the molecular mechanisms at the cellular and sub-cellular levels controlling plant cell differentiation processes and their coordination into functional tissues. More specifically, the group research aims focus on the mechanisms controlling the patterning and synthesis of TE secondary cell wall formation in both Arabidopsis (the genetic plant model) and Populus (the genetic tree model).To better understand the cellular processes leading to functional TEs, we have developed stem-cell like habituated cell cultures from different plant species which have the capacity to be induced into TE. Using real-time live-cell imaging, the chronological development sequence of TE formation was unraveled.
The identification of key regulatory genes and cellular processes modulating xylem vessels cell wall formation will allow to better understand how xylem plant vasculature formation has evolved and is controlled.

Group Members

Ana Elisa Valdes (post-doctoral researcher)

Antoine Champagne (post-doctoral researcher)

Delphine Ménard (Research engineer)

Charilaos Dimotakis (PhD student)

Leonard Blaschek (PhD Student)

William Gardi (Master thesis)

Latest Publications

Soler M, Plasencia A, Larbat R, Pouzet C, Jauneau A, Rivas S, Pesquet E, Lapierre C, Truchet I, Grima-Pettenati J. 2017. The Eucalyptus linker histone variant EgH1.3 cooperates with the transcription factor EgMYB1 to control lignin biosynthesis during wood formation. New Phytologist 213: 287-299.

Soler M, Plasencia A, Lepikson-Neto J, Camargo EL, Dupas A, Ladouce N, Pesquet E, Mounet F, Larbat R, Grima-Pettenati J. 2016. The Woody-Preferential Gene EgMYB88 Regulates the Biosynthesis of Phenylpropanoid-Derived Compounds in Wood. Frontiers in Plant Sciences 7: 1422.

Van de Wouwer D, Vanholme R, Decou R, Goeminne G, Audenaert D, Nguyen L, Höfer R, Pesquet E, Vanholme B, Boerjan W. 2016. Chemical Genetics Uncovers Novel Inhibitors of Lignification, Including p-Iodobenzoic Acid Targeting CINNAMATE-4-HYDROXYLASE. Plant Physiology 172: 198-220.

Derbyshire P, Ménard D, Green P, Saalbach G, Buschmann H, Lloyd CW, Pesquet E. 2015. Proteomic Analysis of Microtubule Interacting Proteins over the Course of Xylem Tracheary Element Formation in Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell 27: 2709-2726.

Ménard D, Pesquet E. 2015. Cellular interactions during tracheary elements formation and function. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 23: 109-115. 

Barros J, Serk H, Granlund I, Pesquet E. 2015. The cell biology of lignification in higher plants. Annals of Botany 115: 1053-1074.




Teaching activities:

My main teaching activities relate to the theoretical and practical understanding of plant cell biology and plant development - mainly focusing on stem-cell dynamics, cell differentiation, cytolosolic components (membrane trafficking, cytoskeleton,..) and high-throughput analyses (transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics). My teaching is made at all levels from Bachelor to PhD students.

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