Ingrid Stjernquist

Ingrid Stjernquist


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Arbetar vid Institutionen för naturgeografi
Telefon 08-16 49 56
Besöksadress Svante Arrhenius väg 8
Rum T 325
Postadress Inst för naturgeografi 106 91 Stockholm

Om mig

About me

I am senior lecturer in systems analysis, natural resource management, environmental governance and sustainable forestry. My professional background is in ecology, energy and environmental system studies and soil chemistry. My current research focus on systems analysis, green infrastructure for ecological sustainability and human well-being, sustainable forestry and bioenergy and participatory governance in Swedish forestry. I have also worked with the effect on the rural landscape of transboundary air pollutants, modelling the impact of climate extremes, future land use and management and conflict analysis of the national environmental objectives in the mountain environment.

My teaching focus on multidisciplinary environmental courses and master programmes and I have been involved in developing multi-disciplinary environmental education as well as of establishing multi-disciplinary units at various international universities

Senast uppdaterad: 1 juni 2018

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