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Arbetar vid Institutionen för slaviska och baltiska språk finska nederländska och tyska
Telefon 08-16 46 09
Besöksadress Universitetsvägen 10 E, plan 5
Rum E 592
Postadress Institutionen för slaviska och baltiska språk finska nederländska och tyska 106 91 Stockholm

Om mig

Titel: Fil dr

Arbetar som: Universitetslektor, Studierektor, studievägledare, lärare i lettiska
Rum: E592
Telefon: 08-16 4609
Besöksadress: Campus Frescati, Södra huset, hus E, plan 5
Språk: Engelska, lettiska, svenska, tyska


Title: PhD

Works as: Senior Lecturer, Dean of Studies (Section for Baltic Languages), Student Councillor
Room: E592
Telephone: +46-(0)8-16 4609
Visiting Address: Campus Frescati, Södra huset, House E, 5th floor
Languages: English, Latvian, Swedish, German


Brief biography

  • 2015: Senior Lecturer, Baltic Languages

  • 2014: PhD in Baltic Languages, Stockholm University

  • 2002: Lecturer, Section for Baltic Languages, Stockholm University

  • 1997-2002: Participant in project "Culture and Politics in the Baltic States under the Dictatorships 1924-1991"

  • 1995-2005: Freelance journalist for Radio Free Europe, Latvian section

  • 1992-1997: EU project coordinator, European Graphics Industry Network

  • 1981: Fil.kand. in Baltic Languages, Stockholm University.

  • 1975: B.Sc. in Business Administration, University of California at Berkeley

International Cooperation

  • 2012-present: administration, development and implementation of the International Masters' Degree in Sociolinguistics and Multilingualism in cooperation with Johannes Gutenberg Universität in Mainz, Germany and Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas, Lithuania


Section for Baltic Languages, Stockholm University

  • 1995-present: Basic Latvian (30 cr), Intermediate Latvian (30 cr), Advanced Latvian (30 cr), Latvian - Bachelor's Course (30 cr), Baltic Literature (7.5 cr), Baltic Linguistics (7.5 cr), Baltic History, Culture and Society (7.5 cr), Baltic History of Literature and Cultural History, SC, (7,5 cr), Baltic Languages in Contact, SC, (7,5 cr)

History section, Södertörn University College

  • 2000-2002: The struggles for our minds. Media intellectuals and public opinion in West and East European history (7.5 cr), Scandinavia and the Baltic World (15 cr), Tourism and the Baltics (7.5 cr), History, sexuality and gender (7.5 cr)

Literature section, Södertörn University College

  • 2000: Advanced course in Literature: Baltic Literature (7.5 cr)

​Institute for Interpretation and Translation Studies, TÖI, Stockholm University

  • 1995-2002: Preparatory Interpreters' and Translators' Education in Latvian (15 cr), Introductory Translators' Education in Latvian (30 cr), Basic Interpreters' Education in Latvian (30 cr), Intermediate Interpreters' Education in Latvian (30 cr), Basic Interpreters' Education in Latvian (60 cr)



  • Women's Role in the Alternative Culture Movements in Soviet Latvia 1960-1990. [Co-author Maija Runcis] In "The Palgrave handbook of women and gender in twentieth-century Russia and the Soviet Union" [ed] Melanie Ilic, London: Macmillan Publishers Ltd., 2018, 365-381 p. [ISBN: 978-1-137-54904-4 (print)]

  • Back to the Motherland. Repatriation and Latvian Émigrés 1955-1958. Academic Dissertation, 261 pp. (Stockholm: Stockholm Studies in Baltic Languages, No 8, 2014). Available for download in full text here:

  • "Kulturas sakari" - sakums un izveide 1955-1961 ["Cultural relations" - beginnings and formation 1955-1961], in: Konferences "Trimda, kultura, nacionala identitate" referatu krajums [Proceedings of the conference "Exile, culture, national identity"], ed. D. Klavina and M. Brancis (Riga: Nordik, 2004)

  • Edvarts Virza and the Pastoral Motif, in: The Ethnic Dimension in Politics and Culture in the Baltic Countries 1920-1945, pp 163-173, ed. Baiba Kangere-Metuzale, (Stockholm: Södertörn Academic Studies (18), 2004)

  • Soviet Latvian Repatriation Literature 1947-1951, in: Yearbook of the Latvian War Museum, pp 136-149 ed. J. Ciganovs, (Riga: Latvijas Kara muzejs, 2001)

  • No repatriacijas lidz kulturas sakariem [From Repatriation to Cultural Contacts] in Jauna Gaita [The New Way], No. 1 and 2, Issues 224-5, (March and May, 2001)

  • DP un repatriacija [DP and Repatriation] in: The Return of Exile Archives. Conference Proceedings, pp 42-58, (Riga, 2000)


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