Lia Mollvik

Lia Mollvik


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Arbetar vid Institutionen för pedagogik och didaktik
Besöksadress Frescativägen 54
Postadress Institutionen för pedagogik och didaktik 106 91 Stockholm

Om mig

My research project delves into normative ethics within the field of education. I will explore the concept of Human Dignity on a philosophical level, as well as look into current understandings of the concept in a Swedish educational context, both on a policy level and on the level of implementation.

Before joining Stockholm University and the Department of Education, I earned my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Human Rights at Enskilda Högskolan Stockholm and Uppsala University respectively. During my studies, I focused on children’s right to culture and to education. I conducted field-studies and did internships at organizations in Rwanda and Uganda that work with complementing the formal education system for under-privileged children and youth through for example vocational training and the Arts.

Apart from my studies in Human Rights, I have also studied Opera. I love singing, dancing, acting, climbing trees and meditating.

Supervisors: Niclas Rönnström, Rebecca Adami, Ruhi Tyson.

Senast uppdaterad: 21 november 2019

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