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Lawrence Williams


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Om mig

I am a Doctoral Candidate at Stockholm University and I am currently conducting research regarding the ownership of IP within transfer pricing.

The research will be a legal dogmatic dissertation with the primary aim of examining the provisions regarding the ownership of IP as they are formulated in the transfer pricing, domestic law, and tax treaty contexts and with the secondary aim of exploring these contexts, in order to provide a clearer understanding of IP ownership for transfer pricing purposes. The research will also consist of an interdisciplinary research approach between transfer pricing and intellectual property right law in tackling the issues of defining the ownership of IP within transfer pricing.

The aim of the research shall provide a useful and very important contribution to solve the current issues concerning the ownership of IP within transfer pricing, which may lead to double taxation, double non-taxation or the risk that the taxable income is taxed in the wrong tax jurisdiction entirely.

In conjunction with conducting the research, I will also be working part-time as a Transfer Pricing Consultant within the Transfer Pricing Department at EY Stockholm, in order to be involved in how the issues concerning the difficulties in identifying the owner of IP is affecting multinational enterprises, in practice.

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