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Om mig

I am senior lecturer in Education at Stockholm University, Department of Education. I used to work for many years (2006-2017) at the University of Wrocław, Poland. I held a position as a head of University of the Third Age (U3A), at University of Wrocław (2016 – 2017).

My interest research fields: adult education, older adults learning – social and critical educational gerontology, lifelong learning, biographical approach, local community activation, education of social exclusion-risk adults. In recent years, my interest and research work started to focus on migration in socio-cultural and educational perspectives, the old age, ageing and learning in life-long perspective, problems and needs of older people, learning while being old, education of aging keeping the orientation on biographical learning.

In my research, I am trying to use different methodological approaches such as case studies, biographical research and ethnography.  I was awarded post-doc scholarship within the Swedish Institute (SI) twice. Accordingly, I was a researcher at the University of Stockholm, Department of Education (periods:  09.2010 - 02-2011; 09.2011-02.2012) and I conducted research on the Polish senior immigrants’ in Sweden.

At present, I am working in a project called Old Guys say Yes to Community. In this project, we focus on the learning of older men in different communities in four countries: Slovenia, Estonia, Poland and Portugal. In 2016, I did the ethnographical research of Men’s Sheds in Australia and New Zealand, I collected data about the learning places (Men's Sheds) of older men. I took part in the unique study tour and exchange members of ESREA, network ELOA (Education  and Learning for Older Adults) and members of Adult Learning Australia and Federation University Australia and  ACE Aotearoa in New Zealand.


I have experience in coordinating projects:

2017 the project at U3A University of the Third Age, at University of Wroclaw, title: UTW – Uczyc- Tworzyc -Wspierac (U3A – Learning- Creating- Supporting). Financed by Ministry of Sciences and Higher Education, Republic of Poland

2016-2019 - the project, Erasmus +, ‘Old Guys say Yes to Community’ in Poland, at University of Wroclaw. Financed by EU.

2008 - 2010 the Grundtvig project: VECU –Virtual European Cultural Centre, at U3A University of the Third Age, at University of Wroclaw Financed by EU.

2006-2007 the Grundtvig 2- EFOSEC- The European Federation of Older Students Enlargement and Cooperation, at U3A University of the Third Age, at University of Wroclaw. Financed by EU.


I am a member of ESREA (European Society for Research on Education of Adults) networks: Education and Learning of Older Adults (ELOA), Life History and Biography, Between Global and Local: Adult Learning and Development, Migration, Ethnicity, Racism and Xenophobia). In 2012, I was invited by EU to be a member of expert panel discussion at the European Commission Conference, One Step Up in later life: learning for active ageing and international solidarity.


I urval från Stockholms universitets publikationsdatabas
  • 2017. Malgorzata Malec Rawinski.

    The general aim of this paper is to present some insights into Polish senior immigrants in Sweden. In particular, it seeks to identify and illustrate the important contribution of previous generations of Polish senior immigrants in building on the diverse culture, traditions and values of the Polish community (Polonia) in Sweden. The paper considers what it means to be an older (age 65+ year) Polish immigrant in Sweden. A biographical method was used in this research to gain these insights. The research evidence was largely collected by means of narrative interviews. Life history is one of the ways to gain insights into the experiences of individuals. A narrative output is never an isolated product. There is always a close link between narrative and other social, cultural and ideological contexts. This paper emphasizes that stories and participant experiences will make more sense if there is a good understanding of the broader contexts in which the individual's story and experiences are embedded. Because of its brevity, the focus of this paper is an in-depth rendition of one older woman's learning experiences in adjusting from war-torn Poland to Sweden.

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