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Rense NieuwenhuisForskare

Om mig

Rense Nieuwenhuis, associate professor in sociology at the Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI) at Stockholm University, studies how family diversity and social policy affect poverty and economic inequality. Typically, his research is country-comparative and has a gender perspective. His recent focus was on single-parent families, how women’s earnings affect inequality between households, and family policy outcomes.


He published in journals such as Social Forces, European Sociological Review, Journal of Marriage and Family, and Journal of European Social Policy. He co-edited the book ‘The triple bind of single-parent families’ and the ‘Palgrave Handbook of Family Policy’. Occasionally, he acts as independent expert for organisations such as UN Women, the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE).



Complete Curriculum Vitae

My complete curriculum vitae and full publication list can be downloaded here.

Selected Publications

  • Nieuwenhuis, R. (2022). No activation without reconciliation? The interplay between ALMP and ECEC in relation to women’s employment, unemployment and inactivity in 30 OECD countries, 1985–2018. Social Policy & Administration, 19. 

  • Zagel, H., Hübgen, S., & Nieuwenhuis, R. (2021). Diverging Trends in Single-Mother Poverty across Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom: Toward a Comprehensive Explanatory Framework. Social Forces, 33.

  • Nelson, K., & Nieuwenhuis, R. (2021). Towards a new consolidated framework for analysing benefit coverage. Journal of European Social Policy31(3), 352–362.

  • Nieuwenhuis, R., & Yerkes, M. A. (2021). Workers’ well-being in the context of the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Community, Work & Family24(2), 226–235.

  • Nieuwenhuis, R. (2020, online first). Directions of thought for single parents in the EU. Community, Work & Family, 1–8.

  • Nieuwenhuis, R., Van Lancker, W., Collado, D., & Cantillon, B. (2020). Trends in Women’s Employment and Poverty Rates in OECD Countries: A Kitagawa–Blinder–Oaxaca Decomposition. Italian Economic Journal6, 37–61. (open access online).

  • Nelson, K., Nieuwenhuis, R., & Alm, S. (2020). Sweden: Adjoining the Guarantee Pension with NDC. In R. Holzmann, E. Palmer, R. Palacios, & S. Sacchi (Eds.), Progress and Challenges of Nonfinancial Defined Contribution Pension Schemes: Vol. Volume 1. Addressing Marginalization, Polarization, and the Labor Market (pp. 215–239). Open access version

  • Alm, S., Nelson, K., & Nieuwenhuis, R. (2019, online first). The Diminishing Power of One? Welfare State Retrenchment and Rising Poverty of Single-Adult Households in Sweden 1988–2011. European Sociological Review, (open access online).
  • Ebbinghaus, B., Nelson, K., & Nieuwenhuis, R. (2019). Poverty in old age. In B. Greve (Ed.), Routledge International Handbook of Poverty (pp. 257–267). Pre-Print Publisher website
  • Nieuwenhuis, R., A. Need and H. van der Kolk (2019). Family policy as an institutional context of economic inequality. Acta Sociologica. 62(1), pp. 64-80. (Paper online)
  • Nieuwenhuis, R., Maldonado, L.C. (2018, eds.). The triple bind of single-parent families: resources, employment, and policies to improve well-being. Bristol: Policy Press. (Publisher's website) (Open access full book)
  • Nieuwenhuis, R., Munzi, T., Neugschwender, J., Omar, H., & Palmisano, F. (2018). Gender equality and poverty are intrinsically linked: A contribution to the continued monitoring of selected Sustainable Development Goals (No. 26). UN Women Discussion Paper Series (pp. 1–37). New York. (Online open access)
  • Nieuwenhuis, R., Maldonado, L.C. (2018). Single-Parent Families and In-Work Poverty, in: Lohmann, H. and Marx, I. Handbook of In-Work Poverty. Edward Elgar. (Publisher's website) (Working paper)
  • Nieuwenhuis, R., H. van der Kolk, and A. Need (2017). Women's earnings and household inequality in OECD countries, 1973-2013. Acta Sociologica. 60(1), pp. 2-20. (Paper online)
  • Nieuwenhuis, R., A. Need, and H. Van der Kolk (2017). Is There Such a Thing as Too Long Childcare Leave? International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy. 37(1/2), 2-15. (Paper online)
  • Nieuwenhuis, R., M. te Grotenhuis, and B. Pelzer (2017). Weighted Effect Coding for Observational Data with wec. R Journal. 9(1), 477-485. (Open Access paper online)
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  • Grotenhuis, M. te, B. Pelzer, A. Schmidt-Catran, R. Nieuwenhuis, R. Konig, and R. Eisinga (2017). Weighted e ffect coded interactions: a novel moderation regression analysis for observational studies. International Journal of Public Health. 62(3), 427-431. (Open Access paper online)
  • Nieuwenhuis, R., T. Munzi, and J. Gornick (2017). Comparative Research with Net and Gross Income Data: An Evaluation of Two Netting Down Procedures for the LIS Database. Review of Income and Wealth (Paper online)
  • Maldonado, L. C. and R. Nieuwenhuis (2015). Family Policies and Single Parent Poverty in 18 OECD Countries, 1978-2008. Community, Work & Family 18(4), 395-415. (Paper online)
  • Andringa, W., R. Nieuwenhuis, and M. Van Gerven (2015). Women's working hours: the interplay between gender role attitudes, motherhood, and public childcare support in 23 European countries. International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy 35(9/10), 582-599. (Paper online)
  • Nieuwenhuis, R. and L. C. Maldonado (2015). Prepare versus Repair? Combining parental leave and family allowances for social investment against single-parent poverty. Belgisch Tijdschrift voor Sociale Zekerheid (Belgian Review of Social Security) 57(1), 115-123. (Open Access paper online)
  • Nieuwenhuis, R. (2015). Association, Aggregation, and Paradoxes: On the Positive Correlation Between Fertility and Women's Employment. Response to Brehm & Engelhardt. Demographic Research 32. (Open Access paper online)
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  • Levels, M., A. Need, R. Nieuwenhuis, R. Sluiter, and W. Ultee (2012). Unintended Pregnancy and Induced Abortion in the Netherlands 1954-2002. European Sociological Review.28 (3), 301-318. (Paper online)