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Roujman Shahbazian

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Roujman Shahbazian is a postdoctoral researcher at Department of Sociology at University of Munich, and affiliated researcher at Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI) at Stockholm University.



His research focuses on social stratification, family sociology and development studies. Currently he is involvement in an interdisciplinary project about income inequalities across life. More specifically, studying the role of class, gender and skills for lifetime income, which is a FORTE finance project Dnr: 2018-00532 (with E. Bihagen, A. Böhlmark and S. Kjellsson). He has also a collaboration with M.H. Sepahvand that focuses on Burkina Faso and one core dimension of individuals' preferences: attitudes toward risk.


Peer reviewed articles:

  • Sepahvand, M.H. & Shahbazian, R. (forthcoming). Individual’s Risk Attitudes in sub-Saharan Africa: Determinants and Reliability of Self-Reported Risk in Burkina Faso. African Review of Economics & Finance. Working paper-version from 2017 is available here

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