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Ryan Switzer


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Om mig

Ryan is a first year doctoral student at the Department of Sociology, Stockholm University. He holds an MA in Political Science from the Central European University and a double BA in Political Science and International Affairs from the University of Georgia. He's worked in art history publishing and for the Federal Public Defender of North Georgia back in his hometown of Atlanta.


Ryan is a political sociologist whose past work has probed social movements, media discourses, subcultures, and the post-Soviet space. In his MA thesis he developed a typology of far-right activists’ online collective action which was awarded the Central European University’s Best Thesis Award. Most recently, he has been involved in editing 1971: Parallel Nonsynchronism; a museum catalogue and collection of essays on shifting Soviet era cultural policy in Hungary.

In his doctoral dissertation, Ryan will develop a conceptual understanding of the spatialities of right-wing politics relying on case studies of racist collective action in Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Malmö. The project seeks to embed the right-wing milieu in Lefebvre's politics of the everyday, breaking with methodologically nationalist and electoral understandings of populism. Participant observation paired with a historical institutionalist approach will challenge narratives of "rise-ism" by demonstrating continuity between centre and radical right narratives of 'urban decay.'

Here's some recent writing on policing social movements in Sweden.

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