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Projekt: Making Sense of Cyber Crises

The project draws upon on the crisis management literature and the organizational sense-making literature to explore cyber crises and cyber crisis management in national and international settings. The thesis aims to contribute to the debate around cybersecurity within security studies.


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  • 2018. Sarah Backman, Mark Rhinard. Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management 26 (2), 261-271

    This article draws on a comprehensive new data set of crisis management capacities at the European Union level to highlight key patterns in their development and use. Organised within the categories of detection, sense-making, decision-making, coordination, meaning-making, communication, and accountability, the data show considerable accumulation of capacities in detection and sense-making, while decision-making capacities lag behind. We find that most capacities are sector-oriented rather than cross-sectoral, and reside primarily within the European Commission rather than other EU institutions. Comparing the data to previous studies, we note that capacities overall are increasing and some are undergoing evolution; for example, horizon-scanning tools once limited to collecting information have increasingly been given an analytical, information enrichment function akin to sense-making.

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