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Om mig

I am the Head of the National Facility for Exposomics at SciLifeLab. My research background is in environmental science, specialized in mass-spectrometry metabolomics and exposomics.

I obtained my PhD at Umeå University / Umeå Plant Science Centre (Sweden) and Swedish Metabolomics Centre (SciLifeLab), where I applied mass-spectrometry metabolomics (LC and GC - QTOF) to study the impact of environmental exposure - e.g. air pollutants and insect pests on plant physiology and chemical ecology.

During my last post-doc performed at Stockholm University and SciLifeLab, I applied high-resolution mass-spectrometry (LC- and GC- Orbitrap) to investigate the impact of environmental exposure on human health.

Previously, I worked as a visiting post-doc at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research, Kiel (Germany), where I used metabolomics and imaging mass-spectrometry (DESI-IMS) to investigate the chemical interactions between a marine plant and surface fouling microorganisms.

My interests combine all aspects of metabolomics and exposomics workflows and high-resolution mass-spectrometry, including data acquisition, raw data pre-processing and data analysis.