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Taras Bodnar


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Elliptically Contoured Models in Statistics and Portfolio Theory (with A.K. Gupta and T. Varga). Springer Series in Statistics: Theory and Methods. Springer, New York, 2013.


Articles in Journals:

1.      Testing for Independence of Large Dimensional Vectors (with H. Dette and N. Parolya). To appear in The Annals of Statistics, 2019.

2.      Central Limit Theorems for Functionals of Large Sample Covariance Matrix and Mean Vector in Matrix-Variate Location Mixture of Normal Distributions (with S. Mazur and N. Parolya). To appear in Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, 2019.

3.      Bayesian Estimation of the Efficient Frontier (with D. Bauder, R. Bodnar and W. Schmid). To appear in Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, 2019.

4.      Tangency Portfolio Weights for Singular Covariance Matrix in Small and Large Dimensions: Estimation and Test Theory (with S. Mazur, K. Podgórski and J. Tyrcha). To appear in Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 2019.

5.      Optimal Shrinkage Estimator for High Dimensional Mean Vector (with O. Okhrin and N. Parolya). Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 170, 63-79, 2019.

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20.  Multivariate Autoregressive Extreme Value Process and Its Application for Modeling the Time Series Properties of the Extreme Daily Asset Prices (with R. Bodnar and W. Schmid). Communications in Statistics – Theory and Methods, 45, 3421-3440, 2016.

21.  The Exact Solution of Multi-Period Portfolio Choice Problem with Exponential Utility (with N. Parolya and W. Schmid), in Operations Research Proceedings 2014, Lübbecke, M., Koster, A., Letmathe, P., Madlener, R., Peis, B., Walther, G. (eds.), Springer, 45-51, 2016.

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69.  Making Optimum Decision in the Transient Period (with O. Bodnar and Y. Yelejko), Formuvannya Rynkovoi Economiky v Ukraini, 507-514, 1999 (in Ukrainian).

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