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Yueqing AnDoktorand

Om mig

I am a Ph.D. student in the Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences (DEEP). My research focuses on coevolutionary history in the plant-herbivore and herbivore-parasitoid interaction system.

My Ph.D. program will be to look at ecology, coevolutionary, and immunology to identify the role of the herbivore gut microbiome on the strength of plant-herbivore and herbivore-parasitoid interactions. In total three projects will be performed during my Ph.D. project based on the plant-herbivore-parasitoid interactions connected to Galerucella beetles.

Our purpose is to understand the coevolutionary history of the Galerucella-Asecodes system with the shifts of host plants, and gut microbiomes play an important role in the interaction of herbivores and plants as well as the interaction of herbivores and parasitoid wasps. Therefore, we focus on the interactions between insects and gut microbiomes.