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Om mig

Associate Professor at Stockholm University

Director, Navarino Environmental Observatory (NEO)

Research Area Co-Leader of Bolin Centre for Climate Research.

Broad interest in the areas of: Sustainable urban and rural development, Sustainable cities and climate change, Vulnerability assessment to water-related disasters and conflicts; Linking climate change assessments with adaptation policies, Adaptive land-use planning for decision support; Nature-Based Solutions and ecosystem services; smart city and IoT; and environmental impacts and solution strategies. Investigator in a number of prestigious national and EU projects and author of numerous reports on applied research, consultancy projects and scientific papers. Expertise in collaborative research with stakeholders, authorities and decision makers such as Tillväxt- och regionplaneförvaltningen – Region Stockholm, Swedish Transport Administration (TRV), Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), Swedish Geotechnical Institute (SGU), Swedish Forest Agency and SMHI. Active collaboration with researchers in Europe, North America, Eastern Africa, and Middle East and regularly convenes planning and management sessions at EGU meetings. She has been a technical advisor at ÅF-Infrastructure consultancy and project manager at Royal Haskoning and Burohappold UK Ltd.

Selected recent national and international assignments

- Representative of Sweden and member of the Board and Steering Committee of European COST Action – CONNECTEURLand4FloodDAMOCLES and FIRELINKS

- Member of the Science Advisory Group of Bolin Centre Climate Arena, 2018-2021

- Member of the Scientific Committee for Stockholms universitets hållbarhetsforum- Framtidens energi och resurser 

- Member of the Board and the Steering Committee of Mistra Urban Futures node in Stockholm

- Guest Editor of special issues on: Guest Editor of special issue on “Nature-Based Solutions at Land Degradation and Development”;  “Human Impacts on Soil Health and Quality” at The Science of the Total Environment; “Liveable Cities: Current Environmental Challenges and Paths for Urban Sustainability” at Journal of Environmental Management

Other profile pages: ResearchGate, Google Scholar


GE7069 Traffic and Environment (SU)

GE5022 Hydrology and Hydrogeology (SU)

GE1020 Ekosystemtjänstförvaltning (SU)

AE2505 Water Systems and Geographic Information (KTH)

AL2300 Natural Resources Management Tools (KTH)

AE2106 Modelling of Water Systems (KTH)

AE1102 Geology and Geotechnical Engineering (KTH)

AE1104 Geoscience Engineering (KTH)


Principal investigator for ‘Carbon-neutral cities: Coupled social-ecological systems modeling of urban land-use changes, greenhouse gas emissions, and management policies’, funded by VR, 2020-2022

Principal investigator for ‘The missing link: How does climate affect human conflict and cooperation through water?’, funded by Formas, 2019-2022

Co-PI of ‘COASTAL – Collaborative land-Sea integration platform’, Funded by EU- H2020, 2018-2022.

Project coordinator of ‘Landscape analysis and climate change’, funded by Swedish Government - Strategic Research Area Funds, 2018-2022. 

Principal investigator of ‘Nature-Based Solutions for Flood-Drought Risk Mitigation in Vulnerable Urbanizing Regions’. Planning funds for interdisciplinary research initiatives, 2018-2020. 

Principal investigator of ‘Sustainable urban-regional development and watershed planning in Stockholm region’. Funded by Stockholm County (SLL), 2018-2021.

Project coordinator  of ’uantifying the influence of various land uses and/or management strategies on the hydrological impacts of high flows and other extreme weather events, under current and future climate conditions, funded by Formas, 2015-2018. 

Co-PI of ‘Water Monitoring Networks – iWater’, funded by Vinnova, 2015-2020.

Co-PI of ‘Scoping for Resilience and Management of Arctic Wetlands’, by the Swedish Ministry of Environment and Energy through Formas. 2017-2019. 

Principal investigator of ‘Ecosystem services supply and beneficiaries in the landscape’, funded by KVA, 2015-2016. 

Principal investigator for ‘Watershed dynamics and connectivity index’, funded by ECOST action 1306, EU, 2015. 

Co-PI: Nordic Centres of Excellence in Arctic research, Project title: Climate-change effects on the epidemiology of infectious diseases and the impacts on Northern Societies (CLINF), 2016-2020


Other projects:

2015-2016 with Dr M. Cavali at National Research Council in Italy. ECOST project about Watershed Dynamics with focus on connectivity index and management of water related impacts on infrastructure.

- 2015-2016 with Prof. G.D. Baldassarre at Uppsala University. This project is about “Droughts and Floods in the Anthropocene”. 

- 2014-2016 with Prof. G. Destouni at SU. Ekoklim project, a large transdisciplinary research program addressing issues concerning climate effects on biodiversity, essential ecosystem services and their management and governance.

- 2014-2016 with Dr. Y. Sileshi at AAiT and Dr.T. Alamirew at Land and Water Center in Ethiopia; Dr. Sh. G. Setegn at FIU in US. This project focuses on Ecosystem Services supply and beneficiaries in the landscape: mapping for decision making and policy support.

- 2014- 2017 with Prof. V. Cvetkovic at KTH and Dr. B. Deal at UIUC. Formas project provides valuable input in land-use evolution studies and modeling.

- 2011-2016 with Dr. J. Stolte at Nibio and Dr. H. French at NMBU in Norway. ClimRunoff and Exflood projects aim to define and analyze measures to combat negative impacts of extreme weather events on infrastructure, and to incorporate this in a land use planning tool.

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