You can practise grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, and more in Språkstudion
You can practise grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, and more in Språkstudion's computer rooms. Photo: Olivia Schlyter

Språkstudion's computer rooms

Språkstudion's computer rooms host a language lab system for feedback and communication between teacher and student, and between students. Furthermore, there is software for individual improvement of anything from vocabulary and grammar to phonetic analysis and subtitling. There is also an internationally standardised language diagnosis tool available for a number of languages. Språkstudion also offers software and competence for secure and quality-ensured digital examination.


It is not possible to book a specific computer in advance. Access to a computer is provided during the drop-in hours.

Access to Språkstudion's computer rooms

Students by the Faculty of Humanities gets access to Språkstudion's computer rooms after taking an introduction and filling out a registration form at Språkstudion.

Many language courses have scheduled introduction sessions for students in that course. If you were unable to attend that session, or if you don't have a scheduled introduction session, you are welcome to visit us during our drop-in hours to get an introduction.

A drop-in introduction session takes about 20 minutes. You do not need to register in advance for the drop-in sessions. Register by the front desk when you visit us for an introduction.

The introduction film is also available online (Note: The film is only available in Swedish without subtitles. Subtitles in English will be available soon). Log in with your SU-id. Register at Språkstudion after watching the introduction film.