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Faculty Club dining room

The Manne Siegbahn Faculty Club provides a natural and inviting meeting spot for all university employees. In order to encourage university-wide networks, the club also organises a range of activities like lectures and pub nights. All employees at Stockholm University are entitled to become members.

The Faculty Club serves lunch every weekday from 11:00-14:00 with normal seating times at 11:30 and 12:30. Please make your reservation no later than 14.00 the day before you wish to visit us, using bokafakultetsklubben@hors.se.

You can also play games, read, fika, or just enjoy the atmosphere. The architecture, furnishings, and lovely garden all contribute to the relaxed atmosphere. The club is open to you and the premises are available for hire.

Faculty Club lounge

Become a member

Joining the Faculty Club, Manne Siebahn, gives you access to a relaxing place to meet colleagues or just enjoy the gardens and reading areas. It also enrols you in the Association of College and University Clubs International (ACUC), so you can enjoy other faculty clubs worldwide.

Manne Siegbahn bust, Faculty Club

Faculty Club's history and bylaws

The Faculty Club was founded in 2003 and named after Nobel Prize-winning physicist Manne Siegbahn, in whose private villa the Faculty Club now stands. Here you will find the Faculty Club's mission and bylaws.


Faculty Club

Manne Siegbahn Villa
Frescativägen 22
106 91 Stockholm

Hours: 11.00-22.00

Reservations: bokafakultetsklubben@hors.se

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Suggestions for activities?
Contact Inga Horndahl at Conference Services, inga.horndahl@su.se

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