Peer-reviewed scientific publications, reports and other documents, produced by the Bolin Centre members.


Policy briefs

The Climate Arena has together with Bolin Centre scientists put together Policy Briefs for policy-makers, decision-makers, and individuals who are interested in formulating or influencing policy related to the climate. These Policy Briefs aim at providing a concise summary of a particular climate-related issue together with some recommendations on the best options going forward.

Policy briefs


Annual Reports

The Bolin Centre Annual Report is our attempt to summarize the scientific achievements of the Bolin Centre and its scientists throughout the preceding year and future plans.

Please contact us,, if you would like to have our Annual reports as PDF files.

These reports were produced by Bolin Centre members.

Agenda for water security in a changing climate

Royal Swedish Academy for Engineering Sciences (IVA) Svedberg, T., Destouni, G., Ek, L., Persson, K.M., Sjöberg, B., Söderholm, G., Tumpane, J., 2021.

"Water and sanitation is a challenge for sustainable development in Sweden and globally. Lack of clean water negatively affects ecosystems such as forests, lakes and waterways. Sustainable cities cannot be created without access to good quality water and efficient sewage treatment systems. Lack of clean water has serious consequences for people's livelihoods that can lead to conflicts of interest with security policy implications."

Read the full report (in Swedish):

Hållbar vatten försörjning – tillgång till rent vatten i ett föränderligt klimat 


Slow-onset risks from climate change in Sweden in 2050

F. Jaramillo, V. Lund, B. Stock, L. Piemontese.

"In September 2020, the Department of Crisis Preparedness and Civil Defence of the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) contacted the Department of Physical Geography and the Bolin Centre for Climate Research of Stockholm University. The request was to conduct a literature review regarding the potential risks in Sweden from climate change by 2050, especially those occurring after the adaptation and mitigation strategies are adopted by the Swedish Government to tackle climate change. The study would be developed during four months, from September to December 2020, and would comprise mainly of a literature review."

Read the full report:

  Slow-onset risks from climate change in Sweden in 2050 (2423 Kb)



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