Opening hours

Monday - Thursday: 9 am - 5 pm
Friday: 9 am - 4 pm

Please observe that the information desk is open from 1 pm Monday- Thursday and from 12 noon on Fridays.


Svante Arrhenius väg 12

Study Space

The library has 20 individual reading spaces and 4 group rooms with space for 3-5 people in each room. There are 18 computers with word processing and spreadsheet software, and one of our computers has a temporary log-on for guests. The Stockholm University WiFi is available throughout the Geo building. We have copying machines and printers, and a colour printer is available for use if required. You must have your university card with you in order to print and make copies.


The university card works as a library card at all branches of Stockholm University Library. Geo Library is part of the university library. For more information about borrowing from the library, please find our loan terms and rules here.

The Collections

Our collections include human geography, physical geography with glaciology and quaternary geology and geochemistry, meteorology, environmental, climate and social planning. The loan period for our books is 28 days. The Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU) is available, complete with maps and descriptions. There is one suite that can be borrowed. Since year 2010, SGU has been offered exclusively in digital format.

The library's book collection includes the compulsory textbooks of the geo departments' and MISU:s founding courses. The loan period for textbooks is 7 days. Textbooks may only be borrowed by students, researchers and the teaching staff of Stockholm University.

Read more about map collections.


The library has a collection of B, C and D essays written by the geo departments' students from 1920 onwards. Theses from 1920-2009 are available in the Geolibrary's closed stacks.  Essays from and after year 2010 can be sought in DiVA and/or LIBRIS Uppsök.


Phone: 08-16 48 47

How to get here

Metro: Universitetet
Roslagsbanan: Universitetet
Bus: 50, 540, 608, 670 and 676.
Car: Roslagsvägen, north of Roslagstull