The management group meets every week and the minutes of all the meetings are documented.

Från vänster: Jenny Håkansson Hedberg, Tomas Wiksten, Eva Dahlbäck, Anders Söderbäck, Martin Wincent, Henrik Miettinen, Wilhelm Widmark och Ingela Tång.
The back row from the left: Tomas Wiksten, Anders Söderbäck and Wilhelm Widmark. Front row from the left: Jenny Håkansson Hedberg, Eva Dahlbäck, Martin Wincent, Henrik Miettinen and Ingela Tång.

Library Director

Wilhelm Widmark

telephone: 08-16 27 33
Process Manager

Eva Dahlbäck (on parental leave)

telephone: 08-16 27 06
Process Manager

Martin Wincent

telephone: 08-16 16 28
Deputy Library Director
Head of library office
Head of Systems and Development

Henrik Miettinen

telephone: 08-16 49 67
Business developer
Systems and Development

Anders Söderbäck

telephone: 08-16 27 79
Head of Media

Mia Wahlberg (on parental leave)

telephone: 08-16 68 33
Human Resources
Library office

Tomas Wiksten

telephone: 08-16 27 21
Acting Head of Media

Ingela Tång

telephone: 08-674 7027 
Head of Customer Service

Jenny Håkansson Hedberg

telephone: 08-1207 6824

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