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Hernan Mondani


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Works at Department of Sociology
Visiting address Universitetsvägen 10 B, plan 9
Room B 986
Postal address Sociologiska institutionen 106 91 Stockholm

About me

I am a sociologist with a PhD from Stockholm University. I am a researcher at Stockholm University and the Institute for Futures Studies. I have a background in enginnering physics and a general research interest in modelling social phenomena using large-scale datasets and non-traditional quantitative methods. My research is mainly concerned with social network models of organizing processes, particularly applied to the dyamics of criminal organizing and collaboration. At Stockholm University, I also use life-course trajectory analysis to study migrants and neighbourhood segregation dynamics in Sweden.

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Ongoing research projects


MOD. Models of organizational dynamics

Peer-reviewed articles

MOD.A4 Mondani H (2019) Sector, industry and inter-organizational movement statistics in the Stockholm Region: Informing organizational growth models. Qual Quant 53(2): 735–755

MOD.A3 Mondani H (2018) The underlying geometry of organizational dynamics. Similarity-based social space and labor flow network communities. Comput Math Organ Theory 24(3): 378-400

MOD.A2 Mondani H (2017) The evolving network of labor flows in the Stockholm Region: Sector dynamics, connectivity and stability. Appl Netw Sci 2: 34

MOD.A1 Mondani H, Holme P and Liljeros F (2014) Fat-Tailed Fluctuations in the Size of Organizations: The Role of Social Influence. PLoS ONE 9(7): e100527



MOD.Th1 Doctoral thesis in sociology. Mondani H (2017) Modeling Organizational Dynamics: Distributions, Networks, Sequences and Mechanisms. Stockholm Studies in Sociology, New Series 67, Stockholm: Stockholm University


OCE. Social organizing of crime and extremism

Peer-reviewed articles

OCE.A6 Carlsson C, Rostami A, Mondani H, Sturup J, Sarnecki J and Edling C (2020) A Life-Course Analysis of Engagement in Violent Extremist Groups. Br J Criminol 60(1): 74-92

OCE.A5 Sturup J, Rostami A, Mondani H, Gerell M, Sarnecki J and Edling C (2019) Increased gun violence among young males in Sweden: A descriptive national survey and international comparison. Eur J Crim Pol Res 25(4): 365-378

OCE.A4 Rostami A, Sturup J, Mondani H, Thevselius P, Sarnecki J and Edling C (2018) The Swedish Mujahideen: An exploratory study of 41 Swedish foreign fighters deceased in Iraq and Syria. Stud Confl Terror: 1-14

OCE.A3 Rostami A, Mondani H, Liljeros F and Edling C (2018) Criminal organizing applying the theory of partial organization to four cases of organized crime. Trends Organ Crime 21(4): 315-342

OCE.A2 Rostami A and Mondani H (2019) Organizing on two wheels: uncovering the organizational patterns of Hells Angels in Sweden. Trends Organ Crime 22(1): 34-50

OCE.A1 Rostami A and Mondani H (2015) The complexity of crime network data: A case study of its consequences for crime control and the study of networks. PLoS ONE 10(3): e0119309


Research reports

OCE.R1 Rostami A, Mondani H, Carlsson C, Sturup J, Sarnecki J and Edling C (2018) Våldsbejakande extremism och organiserad brottslighet i Sverige. Research report 2018/4. Stockholm: Institute for Futures Studies


LTA. Life-course trajectory analysis

Peer-reviewed articles

LTA.A1 Vogiazides L and Mondani H (2020) A geographical path to integration? Exploring the interplay between regional context and labour market integration among refugees in Sweden. J Ethn Migr Stud 46(1): 23-45


Research reports

LTA.R1 Vogiazides L and Mondani H (2020) Geographical trajectories of refugees in Sweden: Uncovering patterns and drivers of inter-regional (im)mobility. Stockholm Research Reports in Demography 2020(3)


SP. Sociophysics


SP.Th2 M.Sc. thesis in engineering physics. Mondani H (2012) Statistical Mechanics of Organizational Growth Process. Trita-FYS 2012:33, Stockholm: KTH Theoretical Physics

SP.Th1 Thesis in industrial engineering. Mondani H (2008) Aplicaciones de Mecánica Estadística al Problema del Viajante de Comercio. Buenos Aires: UCA School of Engineering


Studies under review

  • Sturup J, Mondani H, Rostami A, Sarnecki J, Carlsson C and Edling C. "Lonely together: A controlled registry-based study of male extremist solo threat actors, their male siblings and other extremists"
  • Vogiazides L and Mondani H ."Geographical trajectories of refugees in Sweden: Uncovering patterns and drivers of inter-regional (im)mobility"
  • Mondani H. "The sequence approach to organizational dynamics: Quantifying positive feedback mechanisms in employment trajectories"

Ongoing studies

  • Mondani H and Rostami A. "The role of multiple affiliations in the nexus between Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs: Hells Angels and Bandidos in Sweden"
  • Edling C, Mondani H, Sarnecki J and Rostami A. "A register-based study on women in and around violent extremist milieus: Sweden as a Nordic case"
  • Mondani H and Rostami A. "Dynamic network measures of specialization: The case of Hells Angels Sweden"
  • Mondani H, Mussino E and Neyer G. "Social Benefits of Migrants Arriving in Sweden: Uptake and Consequences"
  • Mondani H and Rostami A. "Check across the street: Identifying collaboration overlaps in the co-offending network of Swedish street gangs with link communities"
  • Mondani H, Carlsson C, Rostami A, Sturup J, Edling C and Sarnecki J. "Who are the extremists? A register study of Swedish extremists"
  • Andersson G, Mondani H and Mussino E. "The landscape of migrant fertility trajectories: The Case of Sweden"
  • Sturup J, Rostami A and Mondani H. "Organized crime and violence in contemporary Sweden. Offending, co-offending and population attribution"
  • Rostami A, Mondani H and Edling C. "The organizational ecology of violent extremism. An exploratory study of patterns of relations and dependencies among political extremists, gangs and hooligans"
  • Mondani H, Rostami A and Sturup J. "Illicit market. Understanding Illegal Drug Markets by Using Partial Organization Theory"
  • Oláh L and Mondani H. "Implications of changes in the gendered educational advantage on family building: An agent-based model of first partnership formation in Sweden (The age-educational attainment trade-off)"
  • Mondani H and Kolk M. "Average size and average number of members of a group - A little known but widely applicable relationship"
  • Mondani H. "Nonequilibrium phase transition in a network model of organizational growth"

Last updated: March 5, 2020

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