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Physics, Degree Project

Do you want to specialize in a specific area in physics and put all your knowledge from previous courses into action? In the degree project you will work individually under supervision to perform a research project, that will complete your master studies.

When you are finished with your courses (or most of them) on your master programme in physics, theoretical physics or computational physics you should perform this degree project. It is typically carried out in a research group where you have one of our researchers as a supervisor, but you can also perform it at an external company/organization.

The degree project can be started any time of the academic year and to get started you need to find a supervisor. If your supervisor is not a teacher at the Department of Physics, you will also need to find an assistant supervisor from the department. Together with your supervisor you write a project plan, which needs to be approved by the course coordinator. You will then be assigned a contact person, whom you will meet to sign a contract for the project. Your contact person will also give practical advice, and will follow up that your work is progressing according to plan.

During the degree project, you will explore the scientific question set up in the project plan and write a report about your results. During this time, you will get supervision from your supervisor. At the end, you will present your findings in a written report and an oral presentation.

  • Course structure

    This is a second cycle course with individual starting and ending times. Typically, it is performed at full speed. Note that to be able to get the highest grades on the degree project, you need to finish within a specific time. If there are special reasons, e.g. courses you want to take in parallel, it may also be possible to study the course part time. Part time study needs approval from the course coordinator before the project is started.

    Read more on the institution website: Instructions for degree projects in the Master's programmes

    Teaching format

    The teaching on the course consists of individual supervision. You are entitled to at least 20 hours of supervision during the course.


    Your written report will be pre-examined by a degree committee that recommends or opposes the report for presentation. After that, you will present your report both as your written report and with an oral seminar. At the presentation, the degree committee will ask questions, after which the examiner, after consultation with the committee, sets the grade.


    Svante Jonsell, phone: +468 5537 8625, e-mail:
    Igor Pikovski, phone: +468 553 780 17, e-mail:
    Fawad Hassan, phone: +468-553 787 39, e-mail:
    Ana Predojevic, phone: +468 553 785 04, e-mail:
    Vladimir Krasnov, phone: +468 553 786 06, e-mail:
    Markus Kowalewski, phone: +468 553 786 61, e-mail:

    The examiner will be selected from the group of possible examiners above and will be determined when the project is approved.  

  • Course literature

    Note that the course literature can be changed up to two months before the start of the course.

    The literature consists of scientific publications and reports within the subject of the degree project. This literature can both be determined by the student through searches in publication databases and literature handed out by the supervisor or co-supervisor.

  • Contact

    Contact person for the degree project:
    Svante Jonsell, phone: +468 5537 8625, e-mail:


    Academic advisor at the Department of Physics:

    Student office: