Bachelor's Programme in Global Development, 180 credits

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Courses within Commercial Law are primarily directed to students without prior legal studies. The courses within Commercial Law are suited, among others, for students within the Business Administration Programme, and can be studied as single subject courses. The Introductory Course in Commercial Law provides the foundations of legal knowledge and gives special eligibility for courses within Commercial Law.

Area of interest: Human, Social and Political Sciences, and Law

Are you interested in human beings and society? How we function individually and together, what drives us, our learning processes, how rules and laws have been established, and how we interact with each other? If that is the case we have a lot to offer.

This area of interest covers anything from Pedagogy, Psychology and Gender Studies, to Statistics, Political Science, Law and many other subjects. Their common denominator is the relation between human beings and society, independent analytical thinking and often an international perspective.

Department responsible for education

Department of Social Anthropology