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Global Development

Are you interested in global development issues such as democracy, poverty reduction, conflict and security, and environmental sustainability? Do you want to pursue a career in international issues, abroad or in Sweden? Then global development studies is the choice for you!

Teaching and research in development studies are concerned with understanding social, political and economic change, the impact of such change on affected societies, and the varying responses by different social actors.

Development studies is an interdisciplinary field which examines the global processes and relationships that shape today’s world. This applies, for example, to the economic, social and political conditions that create and sustain poverty and inequality. It also focuses on the new relationships that are currently emerging between nation states in the Global South, and the changes in global power relations that occur as a result.

Studying global development, you learn how to cultivate a critical and engaged approach to debates on development and how development policies have changed over time as well as how there are contradictory views on development in different parts of the world.

In addition, you learn how local and global resources are utilized and distributed, and how this affects the environment, climate and people’s living conditions. You are introduced to the worldwide spread of cultures and values, political agendas and identities through the lenses of ethnicity, religion or gender, for example. Furthermore, you gain an understanding of international development processes and their intended and unintended consequences.

Courses and programmes


A bachelor’s degree in global development can only be obtained through enrolment in the bachelor program listed under Educations within the subject.

The bachelor’s degree in global development is only offered in Swedish.

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