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Teaching and Learning in Humanities

The Department of Teaching and Learning provides the teaching profession with in-service courses for teachers wishing to receive specialized training in student-advisor roles and other formal guidance-oriented positions.

Subject description

At the Department of Teaching and Learning, our pre-service and in-service program-participants acquire the teaching methods and curricular knowledge necessary for fulfilling their mandates as school teachers.

Our courses and programs introduce our students to the critical concepts necessary for the mastery of domain-specific didactics and assessment methods within the school curriculum. They equip participants with the kinds of tools that will help them achieve a more profound insight into their chosen curricular subject specialization.

Career opportunities

Most of our students are participants in various pre-service or in-service teacher programs. Regarding the former group, there is a great demand for qualified teachers in Sweden right now. Regarding the latter, continuing education in the form of School Curricular Teaching and Learning courses and degree programs provide the competencies necessary for promotions to senior teaching and administrative positions within the school system.

Courses and programmes


Teaching and Learning in Humanities is not a main field of study but courses can be used as electives for the bachelor´s/master’s degree in another main field of study.

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Research projects in Teaching and Learning are often conducted in proximity to the learning environment in collaboration with teachers.