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Study and Career Guidance

Study and career guidance offers knowledge about how people's choice of education, profession and career is shaped and how society, working life and education are organized and function. Studies in the field provide a good basis for working with individuals' career processes.

Subject description

Study and career guidance is an area that suits you who is interested in understanding how people's life paths are formed and issues at the intersection of the individual and society. The world is changing at an increasingly rapid pace and the need for people to manage issues concerning education, the labour market and working life is increasing. Here, competence in study and career guidance plays an important role.

Study and career guidance can be studied within the programme for study and career guidance. It is an undergraduate academic degree programme leading to a professional qualification. The aim of the education is to provide knowledge for work with guidance and counselling with young people and adults on issues related to career development and educational and career choices. 

In the program, you study interdisciplinary courses within the social and behavioral science field. The studies include the basics of psychology, pedagogy and sociology that are necessary to understand people's career processes, ie, choices, learning and changes in relation to future and career. Furthermore, you develop knowledge of how society, working life and education are governed, organized and functioning.

Studying study and career guidance provides competence to help people manageing issues concerning education, occupation and career. You train your ability to work with individual career guidance but also to support learning about career issues in education situations. The programme also offers you training in scientific method and criticial thinking.

Career opportunities

In the field of study and career guidance, the labour market is good and after the education there are job opportunities in many different areas.

As a study and career counselor, you can work with young people and adults who are faced with the choice of education, career and future. You can also work with unemployed or people in career transition or rehabilitation. Today career counselling for newly arrived migrants is a growing area. 

Employment at the various educational levels and employment offices is common, but also within staffing and rehabilitation activities. Schools, higher education institutions, municipalities and career coaching companies are examples of employers who demand the competence of study and career counselors.

After the education you can also work administratively or strategically with, for example, admission and assessment issues within educational authorities.

Courses and programmes

The study and career guidance program is a full-time programme. You can go the programme either as a campus-based education or a distance variant.


The education leads to a professional qualification (180 credits) in study and career guidance, which corresponds to three years of full-time study. A degree project of 15 credits is included in the program. This degree gives you permission to apply for the department's master's programme in education, comprising an additional 120 higher education credits.