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Child and Youth Studies

Are you interested in children and youth, their place in society, their experiences and views of the world? In child and youth studies you will learn about children and youth, both in our contemporary world and through history, and gain an understanding of how our culture and society is created by, for and about children and youth.

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Subject description

Child and youth studies is an interdisciplinary subject which includes research and education on living conditions and socialization of children and youth, contemporarily and historically. Social and cultural contexts that are relevant to children and youth, including family, preschool, school, school-age educare, peer groups, and media are of special interest.

Child and youth studies uses theories and methods from many parts of humanities and social sciences. The subject will enable you to understand children and youth, childhood and adolescence on societal-, group and individual levels, and to see how age relates to other social factors such as class, culture, ethnicity and gender.

Career opportunities

An education in child and youth studies is suitable if you are interested in working with children and youth, or if you are already working with them professionally, for example as a teacher, social worker, police officer or youth sports coach. You will also be able to use this education within organizations and associations working with children’s rights and perspectives – within state and local government, NGOs and private businesses.

You can obtain a master’s degree in child and youth studies by enrolling in our master’s program. It is currently offered only in Swedish.

Courses and programmes


A master’s degree in Child and Youth Studies can only be obtained through enrolment in one of the master´s programmes listed under Educations within the subject. It is currently offered only in Swedish.

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Research in child and youth studies is multidisciplinary, and our researchers have very diverse academic backgrounds. We study children’s and youths’ lives and socialization, both historically and contemporarily. Cultural contexts for children and youth, such as family, school and preschool, peer groups and media are studied at the department. We use a multitude of theories, methods and materials in our research, often united by a common focus on children’s and youths’ perspectives of their own lives and experiences.