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Labour Market and Employment Relations

Are you interested in a bachelor’s degree relating to the labour market? Then Labour Relations and Human Resource Management could be the right choice for you.

An education in Labour Relations and Human Resource Management gives you a broad orientation in principles and praxis within the labour market field. Our programme addressed three closely related fields: labour law, labour economics and human resource management. 

Courses and programmes


Labour Relations and Human Resource Management is not a main field of study but courses can be used as electives for the bachelor’s degree in another main field of study.


Research at Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI) is focused on areas where social institutions shape individual living conditions and life chances, institutions related to labour markets, welfare states, families, and gender. The research is organized in three units: Labour Market Economics, Stratification and Level-of-Living and Social Policy. Our researchers are scholars primarily in the fields of economics and sociology.