Manga Studies, 7.5 credits

Manga, i.e. Japan-based comics, have been attracting critical attention with respect to cultural policy and identity politics, character business, media convergence and the like, but the texts themselves, their media specificity and discursive positioning often go unnoticed. Leaning on comics studies as informed by semiotics, narratology and media aesthetics and introducing Japanese criticism, this course approaches manga

as serialized graphic narratives, which dwell between the Gutenberg Galaxy and the Information Age. It pursues what it means to read manga not only in relation to historical period, publication mode, gendered genre and actual location, but also material support, stylistic conventions, representational meaning and non-representational usages in order to equip the student with basic tools for argumentation in regard to the often

contested aesthetic and cultural potential of Japanese comics.

It is recommended to take this course together with JKA932 Japanese Popular Culture: Expression and Consumption, 7.5hp.

Further course information will appear soon on this page. Until then, information can be found on the department website.

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