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Bachelor's Programme in Astronomy and Astrophysics

Do you want to apply math and physics to understand what happening in the Universe? Our Bachelor programme in Astronomy give you a solid base in physics, mathematics and astronomy. These skills open up a wide labour market, or lead onward to master studies in physics, astronomy or teaching.

M31 i olika våglängdsområden.
M31 i olika våglängdsområden. Bild: J. Fritz, U. Gent, W. Pietsch, R. Gendler

Astronomers try to understand the physics behind objects such as stars, planets, black holes and galaxies, as well as the structure and evolution of the universe. Tackling these complex phenomena requires a solid knowledge of mathematics and physics. Through this programme you will gain skills and proficiency in evaluating results and applying your knowledge to solve a variety of problems. In your studies of astrophysical sources, you will draw on various fields of physics to create a complete picture of the processes at work and how they interact. These skills will be honed during the final degree project performed in one of our research groups.  

As the program is given in Swedish, you will find a complete description on the Swedish version of this page here. The following courses from the program are given in English and also offered as stand-alone courses:

Introduction to astronomy, 7.5 hp (AS5005)
Stellar structure and evolution, 7,5 hp (AS5002)
Cosmology, 7,5 hp (AS5003)
Astrophysical spectra, 7,5 hp (AS5004)
Astronomy, degree project, 15 hp (AS6001)